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This web page was updated on the  21st June 2024

AC is compatible with iPadOS 17+. From iOS 12+. Landscape orientation only. iPad/Mac only. iPhone coming soon.

Coming Soon (and the Knowledge Base) is regularly updated to reflect the progress of the new features/updates for AstroConnexions that are in development. And to announce when the next release of AC is available in the Apple App Store.

AC does not prompt for an App Store review. If you find the app useful please rate or review it in the App Store, or recommend it to other astrologers/students. This makes a big difference to me and the future of the app. Thank you. I always reply to a review, but be aware that Apple do not publish replies immediately. Replies are initially reviewed by Apple before publication to the app store, so expect a delay.

AC version: 3.01 is now available from the Apple App Store to buy or to update. Please see below for details about ver 3.01.

If you have purchased AC through through the App Store or have used a promo code, you can upgrade/update to all new AC versions via Apple’s App store without any additional cost. AC will always be advert-free and intrusive-free with no in-app purchases. No subscriptions. Nada. Nothing.

The EU Digital Services Act as interpreted by Apple requires me to provide a phone number for the App Store which is displayed in the EU. This phone number is not an AstroConnexions help/support number. Support is only available via email – [email protected]

Please note that via this phone number:

  1. I am unable to supply advice or assistance with buying AstroConnexions.
  2. The AstroConnexions app can only be bought through the App Store.
  3. The AstroConnexions app can only be upgraded through the App Store, or through Apple’s upgrade mechanism.

Any correspondence should be via [email protected]

The EU Digital Services Act as interpreted by Apple requires me to provide an address for the App Store. This address is not an office or a meeting place – it is a private residence.

Installing the AC update

AC will be updated automatically on your device if you have automatic updates enabled; if not run the App Store app, tap your avatar in the top right-hand corner, then tap Purchases, find AstroConnexions in the list of purchased apps, and tap Update. Devices not updated to a recent iOS version show an immediately available Update button.

Tap or click over an image to enlarge. All Coming Soon images/designs/procedures subject to change without notice. Most screenshots/gifs iPad Air 2 or 6th gen (2018) with landscape orientation or from a simulated iPad.

Supported iPads/Macs

Recent knowledge base posts

AC for the iPhone

AC for the iPhone
The Classical Astrologer – John Dee (Sidereal)
Traditional Horary settings/features

Knowledge Base – House System

Ver 3.01, available now.

Added Planetary Sect to Essential Dignities/Debilities table – fourth icon from right. For Your charts, Provided charts (Tropical/Sidereal).

Planetary Sect A Einstein.

Planetary Sect A Einstein.

Planetary Sect and Almutens, including house Almutens – possibilities.

Planetary Sect, Almutens

Ver 3.00, available now.

Fix for bug with AC Mac app (Designed for iPad) – crashed if Dark Mode was selected.

Temporary solution is to switch to Light mode appearance

Mac Light and Dark Mode

Mac: Light and Dark Mode

Unfortunately printing from a Designed for iPad Mac app doesn’t work. Waiting on Apple for a fix. 

Instead AC saves what would be the print-out to a PDF file eg AC Speculum.pdf (date and time of printing is appended to file name) which can be printed by, for example the Mac Preview app.

Save to PDF (automatically) for Mac only

Knowledge Base – AC on a Mac

Settings view – Saving output to a PDF file – select A4 or US Letter.

Save to PDF for Mac Settings

Save to PDF for Mac Settings

Location of saved AC PDF’s


AC path for PDF's

AC path for PDF’s

iPad Printing and Save to PDF options

Printing Options

Printing Options

Note that it is possible to save to PDF from the above view.

Save to PDF from Printer Options

Save to PDF from Printer Options

Knowledge Base – Saving to a PDF file

Ver 2.99, available now.

Draconic natal charts

Knowledge Base – Draconic Charts

Ver 2.98, available now.

AC (designed for iPad) available on a silicon Mac, eg M1, M2, M3.

If you have purchased AC on an iPad AC is free to download and free to use on a silicon Mac. Vice versa if bought for Mac AFAIK.

Knowledge Base – AC on a Mac

Using AC on a MAC:

It’s virtually identical to what you see and get on an iPad


AC Mac Settings menu

AC Mac Settings menu


AC Mac settings – Window Size

Example screenshot, AC on a Mac

AC View #2 on a Mac

AC View #2 on a Mac

Improved: House System module

Ver 2.97, available now.

Eclipse Settings updated and traditional aspects added. Refresh button added as automatic updating could be slow on older iPads


Eclipse Setting with Trad aspects

Eclipse Setting with Trad aspects

Traditional aspects = 0, 60, 90, 120, 180, if Major Aspects (and Trad. aspects) selected.

Knowledge Base – Eclipse

For mainly 12.9″ iPads: reduced orb step rate for finer adjustment for many orb settings, eg 5 mins.

Orb settings - finer adjustement

Orb settings – finer adjustement


View #5, #6 bug fix – aspect hit table might display duplicate records.

iPad Mini 6 (8.3″) – improved most views.

Other fixes and improvements.