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This web page was updated on the 3rd March 2024

AC is compatible with iPadOS 17+. From iOS 11+. Landscape orientation only. iPad only.

Coming Soon (and the Knowledge Base) is regularly updated to reflect the progress of the new features/updates for AstroConnexions that are in development. And to announce when the next release of AC is available in the Apple App Store.

AC does not prompt for an App Store review. If you find the app useful please rate or review it in the App Store, or recommend it to other astrologers/students. This makes a big difference to me and the future of the app. Thank you. I always reply to a review, but be aware that Apple do not publish replies immediately. Replies are initially reviewed by Apple before publication to the app store, so expect a delay.

AC version: 2.97 is now available from the Apple App Store to buy or to update. Please see below for details about ver 2.97.

If you have purchased AC through through the App Store or have used a promo code, you can upgrade/update to all new AC versions via Apple’s App store without any additional cost. AC will always be advert-free and intrusive-free with no in-app purchases. No subscriptions. Nada. Nothing.

Installing the AC update

AC will be updated automatically on your device if you have automatic updates enabled; if not run the App Store app, tap your avatar in the top right-hand corner, then tap Purchases, find AstroConnexions in the list of purchased apps, and tap Update. Devices not updated to a recent iOS version show an immediately available Update button.

Tap or click over an image to enlarge. All Coming Soon images/designs/procedures subject to change without notice. Most screenshots/gifs iPad Air 2 or 6th gen (2018) with landscape orientation or from a simulated iPad.

Supported iPads

Recent knowledge base posts

Changing Tropical AC provided charts to Sidereal Your Charts
The Classical Astrologer – John Dee (Sidereal)
Traditional Horary settings/features

Knowledge Base – House Systems

Ver 2.98, available 6th March 2024, approx.

AC (designed for iPad) available on a silicon Mac, eg M1, M2, M3.

If you have purchased AC on an iPad AC is free to download and free to use on a silicon Mac. Vice versa if bought for Mac AFAIK.

Knowledge Base – AC on a Mac

Using AC on a MAC:

It’s virtually identical to what you see and get on an iPad


AC Mac Settings menu

AC Mac Settings menu


AC Mac settings – Window Size

Example screenshot, AC on a Mac

AC View #2 on a Mac

AC View #2 on a Mac

Improved: House System module

Ver 2.97, available now.

It can take up to 24 hours to appear in some app stores

Eclipse Settings updated and traditional aspects added. Refresh button added as automatic updating could be slow on older iPads


Eclipse Setting with Trad aspects

Eclipse Setting with Trad aspects

Traditional aspects = 0, 60, 90, 120, 180, if Major Aspects (and Trad. aspects) selected.

Knowledge Base – Eclipse

For mainly 12.9″ iPads: reduced orb step rate for finer adjustment for many orb settings, eg 5 mins.

Orb settings - finer adjustement

Orb settings – finer adjustement


View #5, #6 bug fix – aspect hit table might display duplicate records.

iPad Mini 6 (8.3″) – improved most views.

Other fixes and improvements.

Ver 2.96, available now.

Aspect Hits View #5:
Selecting one of the choices All, Tr/r, Tr/Tr Sec., SA from the Aspect Hit table, top-right, also refreshes the Aspect Hits Listing.

Aspects Hits table selection

Aspects Hits table selection

Ver 2.95, available now.

Added Ptolemy Triplicity.


Terms trip setting

Terms trip setting

Updated Triplicity chart view. For Single-wheel charts, Essential Dignities/Debilities table.

Terms and Trip

Terms and Trip

Ver 2.94 available now.

New menu icons. Same functionality as previous icons.

New menu icons

New menu icons

Version 2.9x or 3.x available soon.

Many additions and changes.

1. Added Planetary Sect to Essential Dignities/Debilities table – fourth icon from right. For Your charts, Provided charts (Geo/Sidereal).


Planetary Sect Example View

Planetary Sect Example View

2. View #9 Progress – to add House Almutens

View #9 progress

View #9 progress

3. View #9. Chart too small – scrolling and double tap (improved) – Screencast.

Scrolling and Double Tap

4. Setting for Full Landscape only. If bi-wheel is being viewed then tapping Wheel goes back to showing the associated Natal chart rather than a single-wheel of the bi-wheel eg Transit, Secondary Progression.

5. Top menu to show current View Number. Shown next to Full Landscape settings icon -.

Planetary Sect and Almutens, including house Almutens

Planetary Sect, Almutens

Version 2.93, available now.

Bug fix: If Lunar Return has two returns in a month and first one is being viewed. Prevent 2nd LR in month being triggered if full landscape view #1 or #2 is selected.

Note that the second LR (in the same month) should be selected from the main view and not from the full landscape view.

Two LR’s in a month

Version 2.92, available now.

Added Zodiacal Releasing from Fortune

Zodiacal releasing from Fortune

Zodiacal releasing from Fortune

Knowledgebase: ZR

Version 2.91, available now.

Rectification for Primary Directions – sidereal/tropical, Your Charts, Provided Charts. Natal/Radix charts only.

Rectification for Primary Directions

Rectification for Primary Directions

Knowledgebase: Rectification by Primary Directions

Version 2.90, available now.

Fix for historical Transit Relocation charts crash. Typically for relocation charts that utilise LMT or LAT.

Example Marie Antoinette born 2nd Nov 1755, 19:30 LMT (Astro-Databank) or as some have it 19:30 LAT (Solar Fire), Vienna, Austria.

Here’s a Knowledgebase post on Marie Antoinette’s transit relocation chart. With comparison of AC’s charts with Astro-Databank and Solar Fire charts.

Knowledgebase: Marie Antoinette’s transit relocation chart

Version 2.89, available now.

Added filter for Recently Created and Favourites chart list table: All, Fav, Recent. For Your Charts.

Recent and favourites filter

Recent and favourites filter

Version 2.88, available now.

Lunar Return monthly increment bug fixed.

Other minor fixes.

Version 2.87, available now.

Various fixes.

Version 2.86, available now.

Primary Directions – Tropical and Sidereal.

  • Radix/natal only. Your Charts and Provided Charts

  • Keys: Naibod, Ptolemy, Cardan

  • Type: Zodiacal, Placidus semi-arc

  • Aspects of Promissors to Significators

  • Direct And Converse

  • Terms to Asc

  • Latitude: None, Promissor, Significator, Both

Jupiter to Asc - King Charles III

Jupiter to Asc – King Charles III

Knowledge Base: Primary Directions – (updated 12th August 2023)

Primary Directions – test and comparisons (updated 13th August 2023)

Knowledge Base: Primary Directions Comparisons

Version 2.85, available now.

Fixed code that caused day/hour Lords error calculation message.

Version 2.84, available now.

Gauquelin sectors (view #8) listing did not always refresh correctly if setting “Take into account ecliptical latitude…” was changed, especially apparent if latitude of Pluto was large. The sector listing remained unchanged. Fixed. Note that the chart planetary positions do not change.

Version 2.83, available now.

Node aspects displayed correctly in aspect table eg Planet aspect to node, not node to planet.

To view South Node aspects.

Node aspects

Node aspects

When the aspect table is displayed tap All to see aspects to the South Node.

Note the speculum displays South Node aspects independently of the aspect table selection.

Knowledge Base: Nodes

Version 2.82, available now.

Bug fix: A Provided Chart could be deleted if swipe left over the chart record was too quick.

Version 2.81, available now.

Relocate a Transit chart.

For Your Charts and Provided Charts. Tropical and Sidereal. Excluding Helio, and Synastry transit charts.

Transit relocation

Transit relocation

Transit Relocation Charts

Version 2.80, available now.

Go forward button did not always respond – fixed.

Added Sassanian ayanamsha for sidereal charts.

Version 2.79, available now.

Some UI fixes.


Version 2.8x, available soon

Mundane Aspects, Parans to fixed stars.

Mundane Aspects – Youtube

Version 2.78 available now.

Improved Sidereal chart display

The AC sidereal module has had to be reviewed and some code amended. The introduction of adding aspects to house cusps caused some sidereal chart planetary layout problems.

Knowledge Base – Sidereal Comparison Charts

Version 2.77 available now.

Bug/improvement: Moon’s aspect table for 12.9″ iPad Pro – width increased for better legibility of separating, applying text.

Added seconds to the latitude and longitude chart display. Internally this will also increase the accuracy of the Asc, and MC calculations. Applies to all new and newly edited charts.

Place Table Lat Long with Seconds

Place Table Lat Long with Seconds

Place Table Lat Long with Seconds

Edit Chart Lat/Long and save to chart table. Long-press over Lat Long field in Edit Chart to begin.

This procedure does not update the lat and long tables just the selected chart coordinates.

Chart Lat Long editor

Chart Lat Long editor

Fixed: Ingress Date Picker view ‘Set Date’ button misplacement.

Knowledge Base – Edit Lat/Long

Knowledge Base – Edit Lat/Long

Version 2.76, available now. 

Aspect Table: fixed missing points/parts aspects for bi-wheels.

Version 2.75, available now.

Added midpoints to Aspect Hits.

COSI aspects and COSI planets/points. Plus Chiron.

Transit/Sec Prog/Solar arc – to natal/radix is available for Midpoints. Excludes transit to transit.

Additional and appropriate Midpoint code has been updated for:

Aspects Hits – view #5/6, CSV export, Time Map, CIT Analysis. All associated print routines.

Note that the resultant aspect hits are automatically saved (on exit). Aspect Hits (of all aspect types, ie Transits, Sec Prog, SA and Midpoints) can be listed and syn’d to the displayed chart in full landscape views #5/6.

Aspect Hits sync’d

Aspect Hits View with new Midpoints switch buttons. All settings are saved.


Aspect Hits and Midpoint additions

Aspect Hits and Midpoint additions

Saved Aspect Hits Data List

Resized Aspect Hit Saved Data

Midpoints and Bitcoin

Aspect Hits Midpoints - BTC

Aspect Hits Midpoints – BTC

View #6 Finance – Bitcoin. Aspects from Aspects Hits (see screenshot above).

View #6 Finance - Bitcoin

View #6 Finance – Bitcoin

Aspect Hits View #5

Aspect Hits – View #5

Version 2.74, available now.

Improved aspect table code for minor aspect calculations to Asc/MC/Vertex, when ‘Trad + Outers. Allow all aspects’ is selected.

Version 2.73, available now.

Updated various AC Dropbox images and AC Dropbox forms to comply with Dropbox requirements for production api status. No changes to code.

Version 2.72, available now.

Midpoints: added Chiron for midpoint listings.

Midpoints - Uranian Settings

Midpoints – Uranian Settings

Knowledge Base – Midpoints: Updated

Knowledge Base – Midpoints

Bug: Cusp aspect orb could be set to Transit bi-wheel orb when selected. Fixed.

To fix before AC ver 2.72 is released, long-press Transit menu and set bi-wheel orb. See screenshot below.


Long-press for transit bi-wheel aspect orb

Long-press for transit bi-wheel aspect orb

Bug – tapping All snapshot records icon caused crash if iOS dark mode is also selected – fixed.

Snapshot preferences bug

Snapshot preferences bug

Version 2.71, available now.

Bug fix for iOS 16.2 which affected quick month and quick year.
Both controls are useable but incorrectly displayed.

Version 2.70, available now.

  • New: Receptions table by traditional aspects aspecting traditional planets. By triplicity, terms, face, ruler (house), exaltation, and -ve receptions by fall, detriment. Mutual receptions.

  • Improved: design of Aspect Table and Moon’s Aspect Table for 12.9″ iPad Pro – table width was slightly shorter than the view.

  • Bug. Long-press Time Zone Fix – Zone Abbreviation table was empty – fixed.

Knowledge Base – Receptions

Knowledge Base – Receptions

Essential Dignities and Debilities – updated

Knowledge Base – Essential Dignities and Debilities

Receptions table showing some receptions.

Receptions Table

Receptions Table

Dignity: The Biggest Problem with Late Traditional Astrology

Version 2.69, available now.

New: Export AC Aspect Hits listing as a CSV file ready for import into the free Apple iOS app Numbers and other spreadsheet programs on Mac or Windows.

Aspect Hits – Export to CSV

Version 2.68, available now.

AC now supports iPad Pro 6th gen 12.9″ and iPad Pro 11 inch 4th Gen”.

Sidereal chart bug fix for incorrect calculation of Sun.

Version 2.67, available now.

Missing share icon for some iPad models restored for Essential Dignities table view.

Added AC menus pdf on AC’s website

AC supports latest iPad 10th generation, 2022. Size: 10.9″.

AC Menus-1.pdf

Version 2.66, available now.

The recent release of iPadOS 16 has caused some issues.
Eg enlargement of quick date and displacement of quick month on the main screen. Fixed.

Please report any anomalies if AC ver 2.66 hasn’t fixed problems with iPadOS 16+

Version 2.65, available now.

Improved accuracy for pre-natal syzygy chart.

Version 2.64, available now.

User-defined aspect value. It can be any value from > = 0.00 degrees to < = 190.00 degrees, eg 4:25:00 or 127:56:03 or 86:00:00.

This could be useful for financial/crypto charts.

AC default user-defined aspect is 124.25 – easily changed, of course. Applies globally.

Assign a user aspect from the main Aspect Table. This takes the degree of separation of two planets/points and automatically assigns it as a user aspect to the User Aspect picker. Or manually assign any value.

User-Defined Aspect Picker

User Defined Aspect Picker

User Defined Aspect Picker

Draw aspect Line or not

Aspect Line selection incl User Aspect

Aspect Line selection incl User Aspect


Knowledge Base – User Aspect. Updated 13th August 2022 

Knowledge Base – User Aspect

Bug fix for View #2. Antiscia shows correct aspects after long-press Aspect Table viewed.

Bug fix for Batch Export for charts fixed for an edge case.

Quick Start Guide link fixed.

Dark mode: Aspect Hits aspects displayed correctly in financial chart graph.

Aspect hits displayed in dark mode

Aspect hits displayed in dark mode

Version 2.63, available now.

Day/Hour Lord error message for Heliocentric charts prevented as not applicable.

Some UI fixes.

Version 2.62, available now.

View an isolated aspect – tap an aspect table record to isolate the aspect in the currently displayed chart. For single-wheel charts. It’s already available for bi-wheel charts. Tap the record again to refresh the chart to revert back.

Aspect isolation single-wheel

Aspect isolation – single-wheel

Version 2.61, available now.

Exact aspect date/time (or close) for tropical, geocentric bi-wheel charts:

  • Transits

  • Secondary Progressions

  • Solar Arc

  • Uranian Midpoints

Exact Aspects Example, with Aspect Table showing exact aspect Indicator (two converging arrows)

Exact Aspect Results

Exact Aspect Results

Knowledge Base – Exact Aspects

Knowledge Base: Exact Aspects

Aspect Table showing Retrograde planets – for all charts.

Aspect Table showing retrograde symbol

Aspect Table showing retrograde symbol

Added option in iPad settings to load default AC chart on next app launch

Why? If the currently viewed AC chart gets corrupted and AC crashes and won’t subsequently load setting this switch will allow AC to load. Then you can delete the offending chart in Export/Delete AC Charts (tap Recent to show the last loaded chart).


iPad Settings for AC

iPad Settings for AC

Export/Delete AC charts

Export/Delete AC charts

Aspected parts (eg Part of Eros) correctly displayed in aspect table for bi-wheels.

Dwarf planet aspects to radix now shown in the aspect table for “All”

Version 2.60, available now.

Various UI fixes.

Refresh of View #1 corrected.

Removed cusp aspects to Fixed Stars and Eclipse from View #1 and Speculum.

Version 2.59, available now.

Bug Fix: for precessed and relocated lunar return dates when there are two returns in a month – only one date was sometimes returned.

Improved: speed of Lunar Return calculations.

Improved: financial chart sizes, full landscape view #6

Lunar Returns Precession Corrected Examples

Knowledge Base: Precession Corrected Examples Part #2

Improved Financial Chart size – animated GIF, 9.7″ iPad shown. Financial sizes vary depending on screen size.

Financial chart sizes]

Version 2.58, available now.

Bug fix: Delete of snapshot record from settings if it’s associated with the currently displayed chart caused crash.

Added various ETF’s to the Stock listing table, View #6.

Added Search Bar to the Stock listing table, View #6.

Version 2.57, available now.

New. Solar natal charts: Sun conj Asc. For Your Charts and Provided Charts. Not for sidereal or helio charts.

Solar Charts – external site

Knowledge base article: Solar Charts

Knowledge Base – Solar Charts

Version 2.56, available now.


Bi-Wheel Chart Details position, view #1, #2 – 12.9″ iPad

Financial Chart Settings view, correct size – 12.9″ iPad

Other UI improvements

Version 2.55, available now.

Updated Timezone database.

Version 2.54, available now.

DST fix for some locations.

Version 2.53, available now. 

  • Improved Time Zone function for USA.

  • Relocated Natal Charts. Preview and Saving.

  • Fix: aspect table Trad., Trad. + Outers now shows aspects to North node, eg MC Opposite North Node

Knowledge Base: Relocated Natal Charts

Knowledge Base: Relocated Natal Chart and Time Zone tests/comparison

Relocation charts – external site

Version 2.52, available now. 

  • Fix for crash if more than approx 30 planets/points selected.

  • Some anomalies fixed due to above.

  • More UI improvements.

  • Synastry File Name text field cannot be obscured by the keyboard, for iOS 13+

  • Improved Dropbox connection messages.

Version 2.51, available now. 

  • Aspects to all house cusps for Natal, Transit, SA, Sec. Prog., SR, LR – single and bi-wheel charts. Tropical and Sidereal. Your Charts and Provided Charts. Speculum aspect listing.

  • Revised Aspect Table settings and functions.

  • Improved Snapshot algorithm for Sec. Prog.

  • More UI updates.

  • Chart Circle colours and lines allowed for Dark mode. Note that any colours selected will always be white. Use for circle and line sizes chart design.

  • Full Landscape View #10 aspect display responds to date/time changes.

Cusp/Aspect Table Settings

Cusp Aspects and Aspect Table Settings

Cusp Aspects and Aspect Table Settings

Cusp Aspect/Aspect Table Settings

Aspect Cusp and Aspect Table Settings

Aspect Cusp and Aspect Table Settings

Aspect Table showing Aspects to House Cusps


Aspect Table - Aspects to Cusps

Aspect Table – Aspects to Cusps


Knowledge Base – Aspects to House Cusps

Revised Aspect table

All – show all aspects to all planets/points. This is governed by the displayed planets and points in the chart (from the Displayed Planets table.

Trad. = Traditional aspects/points to Asc, MC. Traditional planets. Parts, eg Part of Fortune. Moon’s North Node. Suitable for the traditional astrologer.

Trad. + Outers =  Traditional planets plus Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Plus cusps if selected from Cusps Aspect Settings, Parts eg Part of Fortune. Moon’s North Node. Chiron. Plus any additional aspects such as 135 if selected from settings.

Aspect Table - New

Aspect Table – New

Knowledge Base – Aspect Table

Version 2.50, available now.

Fix for UI problems when using iPad light mode for Notes View, iOS 13+. Refresh AC correctly when choosing a different colour theme, iOS 13+. Note relaunch of AC solves these problems.

Some other UI fixes – overlapping and duplicated text.

New: Extra Support

Extra Support

New: Backup and Restore AC


Version 2.49, available now.

iPad 10.2″ (9th generation) 2021, supported. The latest iPad.

iPad 10.2″ (9th gen)

Version 2.48, available now.

Fixed: comparison chart synastry crash, under certain conditions. Always backup your data.

Some UI updates.

Version 2.47, available now.

Fixed crash if snapshot record from the previously viewed chart was tapped after the creation of a New Chart. The Snapshot View shouldn’t be displayed with snapshot records for a new chart!

Version 2.46, available now.

Snapshots. Available for transits, secondary progressions, solar arcs. Single and bi-wheel charts. For Your Charts.

This new feature allows any manipulated chart to be saved and retrieved easily. For instance, you might be examining aspects over a ten year period. Snapshots allow you to easily go from a chart view to a different chart view – no limit on how many snapshots can be created/deleted. A text field for your notes is available for each snapshot. Available on the main opening page. It’s somewhat like AC’s Aspect Hits eg a list of the saved snapshot pages/views is displayed top right of the main view. But the table is embedded so other views can be shown eg Aspects table, without closing the Snapshot table.

Snapshots Main Page – tap over the chart information top right-hand corner of the display to show the Snapshots Table. Tap or double-tap a snapshot record to view the chart
Snapshots Main Page

Snapshots Main Page

Snapshot Main Page – tap over chart information top right-hand corner of the display to show the Snapshots table

Snapshot Table/View

Snapshot Help

Note that the date of the snapshot refers to the Chart progressed/directed data NOT the date the snapshot was taken.

Knowledge Base – Snapshots

iPad Pro 12.9″, 5th generation – supported by AC. This is the latest iPad Pro, on sale from Apple June 2021 approx.

Updated and more accurate Debug Info View for more iPad models and generations

Version 2.45, available now.

New: orbs/moiety of planets used in traditional astrology.

Traditional Planetary Orbs Settings Button

Traditional Planetary Orbs Settings Button

Traditional Planetary Orbs Settings

Traditional Planetary Orbs Settings


Skyscript: moiety
Knowledge Base: Traditional Planetary Orbs

Fixed: missing Terms score calculation for Essential Dignities and Debilities table.

Improved: append AC Chart Type to Chart Text Details View (Top-left Main page). Animated GIF.


Chart Type

Chart Type


Knowledge Base: Chart List text

Version 2.44, available now.

Added 3rd Generation iPad Pro 11″ to compatible AC devices.

Version 2.43, available now.

Bug fix. (Rare) Error in Day/Hour Lord calculation could cause AC to crash on loading a chart  or opening AC. Added the following:



Day Hour Lords message

Day/Hour Lords message


To prevent this message repeatedly appearing turn off Show Lords:


Show day/hour Lord menu

Show day/hour Lord menu

Version 2.42, available now. 

Improved DropBox connectivity. Depending your iPad OS you may have to tap the Export or Import button/icon again to see the changes after initially connecting to DropBox.

Note that changes to the DropBox API Sept 2021 will reduce the length that you can stay logged in to DropBox via AC. To be implemented by AC soon – currently testing.


Version 2.41, available now. (This is a big update – thank you for your patience!)

Reports/Analysis, including basic strength and debility calculations for Progressions and Directions to Radix.

  • Aspect Table.

  • Bi-wheel only.

  • View/Inspect Reports Database anytime.

  • Full landscape – all views that show an aspect grid – long-press 

  • Your Charts and Provided Chart

  • Excludes Antiscia and Midpoint aspects

  • 439 reports from Lilly, Partridge, and Leo

Reports/Analysis: for Your Charts, and Provided Charts.

Report text taken from:

Christian Astrology, William Lilly, 1647 

Micropanastron, Effects of Directions, by John Partridge, 1679

The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo, 1906

Knowledge Base – Aspect Table – Reports

Version 2.40, available now.

Two bug fixes:

1. Changing the time for Transits – fixed for better accuracy.

2. Editing a synastry chart crash – fixed.

Knowledge Base – Changing the Time for Transits

Version 2.39, available now.

Bug introduced ver 2.38. House system changed to Equal if not natal/transit chart. Fixed.

Version 2.38, available now.

Improved Day and Hour lords algorithm. Thanks to Adrian for his help and clarity.

Version 2.xx, available soon.

Primary Directions (Placidus semi-arc)

Primary Directions – and New Menu. From Lightening Bolt icon.

Primary Directions - and New Menu

Primary Directions – and New Menu

Primary Directions to Asc, MC and Terms. With latitude options.

Primary Directions with Terms option

Primary Directions with Terms option

Version 2.37, available now.

Added Makemake asteroid glyph/font for charts/aspects.

Makemake symbol

Makemake symbol


By Original: NavarretedfVectorization: Carnby – This file was derived from:  Makemake symbol.png:, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Improved: included asteroids Makemake, Eris, Haumea, and Sedna in Speculum.

Speculum showing some asteroid positions

Speculum showing some asteroid positions

In a Chart (bi-wheel)

In the chart

Makemake – AC Dark Mode

Makemake - AC Dark Mode

Makemake – AC Dark Mode

To show aspect lines to Makemake, Eris, Haumea, and Sedna

Asteroids - show aspect lines

Asteroids – show aspect lines

Fixed obscure bug. If Moon was parallax, and Zodiac was Sidereal, the Moon’s applying or separating aspects could be listed incorrectly. For example Moon should be listed in the Aspect Table as applying to Mars, but was shown as separating. This did not affect the position of the sidereal parallax Moon which was always calculated correctly, or any other calculations.

Version 2.36, available now.

Improved Essential Dignities and Debilities algorithm.

Version 2.35, available now.

Improved: More than one chart can be tagged as a favourite. Maximum number that can be displayed is 15. Your Charts only.

Favourites - more than one

Favourites – more than one

Knowledge Base – Favourite Charts

Knowledge Base – Favourite Charts

Version 2.34, available now.

Bug Fix: Long Press Aspect View #10 didn’t always work.

Improved: Long Press Aspect View #10 – added Refresh button

Long-press Aspect Table View #10 with Refresh Button

Long-press Aspect Table View #10 with Refresh Button

Improved: Dignities View #9 and Long Press settings view. Now with original Lilly Essential Dignities table, from Christian Astrology 1647:

Lilly's Essential Dignities

Lilly’s Essential Dignities

Version 2.33, available now. 

Correction to Terms and Triplicity font size – bottom left of chart.

Version 2.32, available now. 

New: Heliocentric Charts, and a some bug fixes.

Updated Knowledge Base 8th Jan 2021

Knowledge Base – Heliocentric Charts
Heliocentric natal chart

Heliocentric natal chart

Note that heliocentric charts do not show positions or aspects to/from:

Asc, MC, Vertex, house positions, house spokes, Arabian parts, day/hour lords, sun, moon’s nodes, apogees, solar/lunar eclipse.

Available – single and bi-wheel:

  • Radix/Natal
  • Transit
  • Secondary Progressions
  • Solar Arc
  • SR/LR (not precession-corrected)
  • Synastry
  • Antiscia
  • Ingress

Also available/calculated Heliocentric: Declinations (including aspects), Latitude, Right Ascension.


Earth Symbol

Earth symbol – shown in charts, and selectable from planet table. Aspects are calculated and shown.


Not available/applicable/appropriate:

  • Sidereal
  • Zodiac Releasing
  • Gauquelin

Please note:

Charts are not saved as Heliocentric charts. Charts are displayed as heliocentric charts when the Heliocentric setting is selected.

Eclipse tables and calculations continue to be available but are always geocentric.


Earth symbol selection

Earth symbol selection

Example Chart

A G Bell - Solar Return

A G Bell – Solar Return

Bug Fixes

UI bug fix for Finance Chart icons for 10.9″ screens. They were partially obscured – fixed.

Antiscia chart settings available by long-press from main menu (left-hand side of screen)

Long-press aspects table for full landscape view #9 Dignities now shows applying only aspects.

Chart category crash. Fixed.


Version 2.31, available now. 

New: Full Landscape View #10 – Chart Aspects Listing. For: single and bi-wheel, Your Charts and Provided. Dark mode view available.

Settings – top left icon of long-press Aspect Table:

  • Restrict aspects from outer planets for secondary progressions, bi-wheel. Why would you want to do this? The outer planets hardly move from their natal positions when progressed so their aspects can be potentially disregarded. 
  • Allow only Jupiter to Pluto for Transits, bi-wheel. Why would you want to do this? Aspects from the faster moving planets (Sun, Moon etc) are often considered inconsequential as transits.
  • Three font sizes for aspect listing.
  • Auto save settings of Aspect Table for a chart.
  • Auto save Settings choices – globally

The Aspect Listing responds to long-press Aspect Table choices – excluding antiscia and midpoint

Full Landscape View #10 – Aspects sorted by separation


Full Landscape View #10 - Aspects by separation

Full Landscape View #10 – Aspects sorted by separation

Full Landscape View #10 – Aspect Table (Long-Press over aspects)

Full Landscape View #10 - Aspect Table

Full Landscape View #10 – Aspect Table

Full Landscape View #10 – Aspect Settings

Full Landscape View #10 - Aspect Settings

Full Landscape View #10 – Aspect Settings

Full Landscape View #10 – Aspects sorted by planet

Full Landscape View #10 - Aspects by planet

Full Landscape View #10 – Aspects sorted by planet

Version 2.30, available now. 

Bug fix: selecting Applying Aspects from Speculum may crash AC. Fixed.

Fixed slightly protruding horizontal lines Essential Dignities and Debilities table for 9.7″ iPads, full landscape view, single wheel.

Version 2.29, available now. 

Bug fix: Essential Dignities calculations

If, for example Venus is in her Fall, and in her Face, and in her Trip, the calculation would be

Fall -4

Face +1, Trip +3

Which = 0 when added together. The current AC function would then give -5p, which is an error. Now corrected in ver 2.29 to show the value 0 and not peregrine.

Version 2.28, available now.

Improved Essential Dignities and Debilities table and new full landscape view for Essential Dignities

New: AC designed specifically for for new iPad Air (10.9″) 

Scrolling menu for full landscape

Changed: Essential Dignities settings

Apropos Reporting for AC.

Reporting uses the Terms and Triplicities of planets for scoring. AC has three terms available: Ptolemy, Egyptian, Chaldean and two triplicities: Lilly and Dorotheus. The Essential Dignities table now shows all different terms/triplicities as does full landscape view #9 Essential Dignities and Debilities.

Full landscape View #9, ver 2.28 – shown here in dark mode. For all charts, single and bi-wheel, excluding Gauquelin. For Your Charts and Provided charts.

Full Landscape for Essential Dignities

Full Landscape for Essential Dignities

Long Press – Dignities and Debilities table. Show Settings.

Long press Terms Triplicities settings

Long press Terms Triplicities settings

Knowledge Base – Essential Dignities, updated 8th October 2020

Knowledge Base – Essential Dignities

New scrolling menu for the Full Landscape Options/Settings

Scrolling Full Landscape Menu

Scrolling Full Landscape Menu

Version 2.27, available now.

Bug fix: Long-press for Time Zone Fix

Time Zone Fix


Version 2.26, available now.

iPadOS 14 compatibility

AC for 10.2″ iPad (8th generation). iPad available September 2020.

Developer reaction to iOS 14

Version 2.25, available now. 

Improved Database Inspector functionality.

Please note these settings may have to be configured again:
Zoom, Swipe, Retain Chart list colours (for Dark Mode).
Knowledge Base – Database Inspector

Version 2.24, available now. 

Improved loading/launch times and stability for older iPads or those iPads not updated to iPadOS 13+, or those iPads that can’t upgrade to iPadOS 13+. Eg iPad 2.

Improved colour contrast for some search controls. Eg Fixed Star list.


Version 2.23, available now.

Bug fix for older iPads, eg iPad 2

Some older iPads crashing – fixed. Sorry, not my finest hour!

Switch off degrees and minutes for planets/points in the currently displayed chart

Degrees and Minutes - simulated - simulated iPad 10.2"

Degrees and Minutes – simulated iPad 10.2″


1. Degs & Mins = show degrees and minutes – the default

2. Degs = just show degrees. Minutes are truncated; degrees are not rounded up.

3. None = don’t show degrees or minutes.

Note that the Aries point is handled separately.

Version 2.22, available now.

Crash fix.

Version 2.21, available now.

  • Dark Mode – available for all iPads. iOS 13+ required.

  • AC for 10.2″ iPad (7th generation). AC available for all iPad screens.

  • Bug fixes.

  • View database with Mac’s Finder.

  • Improvement in colouring planet and aspect glyphs.

  • Improved Zoom limit settings.

Dark Mode

This will require some significant changes to AC’s colour theming. In other words, it’s going to take a while to implement. Done.

Please note Dark Mode cannot be selected with AC. Use the iPad’s pull-down menu or Settings.

Requirements: iOS 13+

Dark Mode examples:

Full Dark Mode, with user-defined circle and line widths – full landscape, bi-wheel

Dark Mode bi-wheel

Dark Mode bi-wheel

Full Dark Mode – non-proportional houses – plain

with user-defined line and circle widths

Non-proportional houses

Non-proportional houses

Proportional houses

Proportional houses - radix with terms

Proportional houses – radix


Options Dark Mode

Options Dark Mode

Aspect Grid

Dark Mode Aspect Grid

Dark Mode Aspect Grid

Aspect Table

Dark Mode Aspect Table

Dark Mode Aspect Table

Full Landscape Options

Full Landscape Dark Mode

Full Landscape Dark Mode

All iPad’s supported inc 10.2″

According to an email from Apple to developers all iPad apps must support all iPad screens by June 30th 2020. Ac will support all iPad screens before that date.

iPad 10.2″ (7th gen iPad) now supported from AC version 2.21 (coming soon).

Simulator Screen Shots

iPad 10.2 Inch simulator screenshot

iPad 10.2 Inch simulator screenshot

iPad 10.2 inch: Full Landscape, Dark Mode

Full Landscape 10.2 inch iPad

Full Landscape 10.2 inch iPad

Bug Fixes:

Obscure bug that prevented AC from running. Now fixed.

Crypto/Notes: Tapping the Save button does not dismiss the Notes view. Tapping the Close button does that.

Improvements – for Dark mode and Light mode.

Ingress/Eclipse/FixedStars colouring of planets and aspects glyphs. Full landscape View #1, #2, etc

View AC’s database via Mac Finder

Mac Finder

Improved Zoom settings

Zoom - improved settings

Zoom – improved settings

Version 2.20, available now.

Isolating bi-wheel aspects

Isolate Bi-Wheel aspect

Tap the aspect table record to isolate the aspect. Tap the same record to display all aspects or tap another aspect record to view an isolated aspect.

Why might this be useful? Aspects to radical positions from transiting/progress/directed planets/points can be difficult to see – this helps.


Decans now included. More accurate tapping.


Single Tap Decan shown

Single Tap Decan shown


Added Chaldean Terms

Added Chaldean Terms

Added Chaldean Terms

New – Swipe left/Right over chart or aspect grids. Main view and full landscape view.

Swipe left  – go backwards in time using the current step value.

Swipe right – go forwards in time using the current step value.

Useful when examining a chart’s progressions/transits.

Step Value

Step Value

To change the step value, eg to 2 Months – tap the value display.


Zoom and Gesture settings

Updated and improved Zooming and Pinching.

Zooming and pinching is available on the Main view and the Full Landscape views, with some caveats.

  • The Financial chart does not zoom. Full landscape view #6.
  • It’s not perfect! Text collides and obscures sometimes.
  1. Double-tap anywhere to start zooming/pinching.
  2. Explore…
  3. Double-tap anywhere to finish zooming/pinching. The display reverts to the standard display size.


Zoom and Gesture Settings

Zoom and Gesture Settings

Added share icon to Speculum – all pages

Share icon for Speculum

Share icon for Speculum