Aspect Tables, an explanation of some of the settings.



Aspect Table

Aspect Table – the orb setting is now on the left


Var = variable orb, as used for Natal charts.

Aspect Table with Var displayed

Aspect Table with Var displayed


Antiscia Aspects with an orb of four degrees

Antiscia Aspects showing an orb of four degrees


Aspect Table Choice

Aspect Table, aspect filter – selection, and choice of type of aspect (Antiscia, Midpoint)


All – show all aspects to all planets/points. This is governed by the displayed planets and points in the chart (from the Displayed Planets table – see screenshot below)
Trad. = Traditional aspects. Included are all planets/points.
Trad. + Planets =  Traditional aspects, plus traditional Planets.

Traditional planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.

Traditional aspects: conjunction (0 degrees), sextile (60 degrees), square (90 degrees) , trine (120 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees)


Note that all aspects are governed by the orb setting prevailing for the chart.


Default Settings

Default Settings





Miscellaneous Settings


If this setting is enabled aspects to traditional natal/radix planets from outer planets are included in the aspect table, if the chart is a bi-wheel chart and Trad. + Planets is selected.

The outer planets (astrologically considered for AC) are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Aspect Tables – updated. Filtered Aspects available from Ver 2.00

Aspect Table with new functions

Aspect Table with new functions


Filtered Aspects

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