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Astrology app for the iPad/Mac & Coming Soon iPhone

  • iPad 1/2 (not supported)
  • All iPads with resolution of: 9.7″, 10.2″, 10.5″, 10.9″, 11″, 12.9″ – with a few exceptions.
  • iPad Air/ Air 2. iPad Air (3rd/4th/5th gen). Incl 10.9″ res. 10.9″. 10th gen.
  • iPad Mini, inc iPad Mini (2019) + iPads (2019). New 6th gen 2021 – coming soon.
  • iPad Pro – 10.5″. 12.9″ all gen.
  • All 11”/13” – M2/M4.
  • iPad 10.2″ (7th/8th/9th gen), 2019-2021
  • iOS/iPadOS 12/13/14/15/16/17+
  • Silicon Mac (M1/M2/M3/M4), eg Macbook, Mac Mini.
  • Over seven years of continuous development
  • What iPads/Macs does AC support
  • iPhone
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£19.99, approx US$27.00

  • “AstroConnexions is an excellent astrology app for the iPad, and will meet the needs of many astrologers.”
  • “This app is very easy to use and has a surprising number of astrological functions.”

SoftStar News by Hank Friedman (Review of AstroConnexions)

The Mountain Astrologer, June/July 2017 Issue

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AC app reviews
AC app reviews
Above are some reviews from the iTunes app web page when accessing from an Apple Mac computer.

Itunes app page
Full Landscape View #6
Crypto currency data chart - explainer
Scrollable Financial Data for Crypto
Editing a Note
Editable Notes for the astro chart and crypto data
Full landscape View for Notes
Full Landscape View #7
Delete or Reorder Note records
Delete or reorder a record
Aspect Hits synced
Aspect Hits synced

Smart Invert (iOS 11+)

Smart Invert - full landscape