Innovative New Functionality: ver 1.79-1.82

updated and revised 5th March 2018

Please see latest changes: AC Ver 1.85 – Financial Data

Top Menu

Main menu icons

Main menu icons

Notes (Chart Notes and Crypto Notes)

Please note that the editing functions for Crypto Notes and Chart Notes are identical:

Crypto/Chart Notes Report Table – add, delete, edit, reorder, save, retrieve. All Notes are saved to the AC user database and can be retrieved from their respective views. A Chart/Crypto note is associated with the loaded astro chart.

A Crypto note has additional data saved such as the crypto coin, eg BTC (Bitcoin), and the currency eg $ (US Dollar). If either of these are different when the crypto note is viewed from the Crypto toolbar you are given a warning. When viewing the Saved Notes table any crypto saved notes will show the Coin and Currency as well as the name of the associated chart.

Saved Notes View

Saved Notes View

Chart Notes are viewed from the new menu icon top right main menu bar, see below (Chart Notes – Adolf Hitler screenshot).

Crypto Notes are viewed via the pencil icon, see below – full landscape view #6

Either type of note can be viewed from full landscape #7. Both have Print and Share options.

Only one Note type is allowed per astro chart.

Crypto Toolbar Icons

Crypto Toolbar Icons


Note when first syncing a radix chart to the crypto chart (after a long-press over the crypto chart to get the date) the <<  icon should tapped twice.


Notes Form

Chart Notes - Adolf Hitler

Chart Notes – Adolf Hitler

Chart Notes - adding a Note

Chart Notes – adding a Note

Notes toolbar menu

Notes topbar menu

Notes summary

  • Notes menu. Chart Notes – top right main menu. Menu icon for Crypto note is a pencil – full landscape view #6
  • Ingress selection
  • Eclipse selection
  • Aspect Table selection
  • Notes – write a note (500 chars max)
  • Long-press edit Notes
  • Edit Button – delete a record; move a record to a different position (reorder records)
  • Swipe a record to tap delete
  • Chart Notes Info = help
  • Chart Notes Settings – date show or not for aspects – useful for Radix chart notes

Crypto financial Data

  • Historical financial candlestick data chart for crypto currencies. Full Landscape View #6.
  • The financial candlestick data can be scrolled and long-press brings up date, close price and volume price which can then sync’d to the astro chart.
  • Crypto data date ranges: All, 15 days, 30 days or 3 months.

Choice of coins, eg BTS, ETH, etc

Choice of currencies, eg £, $, etc.

Use Astro Hit data generated by AC to sync to astro chart – sync the astro chart and the financial data with one tap!

Crypto notes, & Chart Notes. Aspects (incl. antiscia, midpoint), ingress, eclipse and notes can be saved and viewed with full landscape #7,

Chart Chart Notes can be viewed from a new menu item – top right and also displayed with full landscape view #7

Additional New Functionality:

  • Full Landscape View #5: Aspect Hit data now sync’d with chart. Data is saved for every chart that has its Aspect Hits calculated.
  • Transit To Transit aspects for Aspect Hits. Note transit to transit and transit to natal aspects can be selected together.
  • Increased performance option for aspect hit calculations.


Bitcoin Notes

Bitcoin Notes

Note Settings

Note Settings

Printing layout of Bitcoin Notes

Printing layout of Bitcoin Notes

Editing a Note

Editing a Note (long-press over the note). Type of notes available: Aspect Note, Headline, and Note

Delete or Reorder Note records

Delete or Reorder Note records.

Reordering a Note

Reorder a note by tapping the Edit button (see screenshot above – top right) and then hold down the three horizontal bars on the required record (see screenshot above) and move the record to the desired position. Tap Done. Then tap Save. Here’s a short animated GIF:

Moving or reordering a Note record

Moving or reordering a Note record


Full landscape View for Notes

Full landscape View for Notes. The aspect grid can be removed if the notes require more space. Please see the Full Landscape section on this page

Ingress – Crypto/Chart Notes

Bitcoin sync with astro chart

Bitcoin sync with astro chart. It’s a bit out of date, eg some menu icons are missing, but conveys the functionality adequately, I think.

Note when first syncing a radix chart to the crypto chart (after a long-press over the crypto chart to get the date) the << icon should tapped twice.

Data courtesy of

Financial Data view – for Crypto data, scrollable candlestick historical data

Crypto currency data chart - explainer

Crypto currency data chart – explainer

  • Selectable: all, 15 days, 30 days, 3 months
  • Coin selection
  • Currency selection
  • Aspect Hits Table – view and sync astro chart and financial chart with one tap
  • Long-press data and then tap icon to sync astro chart
  • Menu Icon Info = help
    Crypto Toolbar Icons

    Crypto Toolbar Icons

Crypto Coin List

Crypto Coin List

Full Landscape

Full Landscape Options

Full Landscape Options

  • #5 Aspect Hit View
  • #6 Crypto financial data
  • #7 Notes, inc crypto: for bi-wheel – remove aspect grid (see screenshot above)

List of all Saved Aspect Hit results

List of saved Aspect Hit results

List of saved Aspect Hit results. Delete is available for Aspect Hit Saved records and Saved Chart Notes – swipe record to delete.

Note that an Aspect Hit Saved List record (or Saved Chart Notes) cannot be selected from the table – except for delete. Chart and Crypto notes are only available when the associated astro chart is loaded. These tables are just a helpful reminder of what saved data you have.

Aspect Hit List

Aspect Hit additions

Aspect Hit additions


Saving and Loading AC generated Aspect Hit data.

To get AC generated Aspect Hit data tap the Aspect hit icon – an Electric Bolt (see below) and calculate some aspect hits for the chart loaded – see screenshot above – Aspect Hit additions. After the aspect data has finished calculating tap Done. The aspect hit data is saved to the AC user database. Next time the Aspect Hit view is loaded the aspect hit data is also loaded into the Aspect Hit view.

Types of Aspect Hit

Type of Aspect: Transit to Natal = Transit Bi-Wheel

Type of Aspect: Transit to Transit = Transit single Wheel

Type of Aspect: Secondary Progressed to Natal = Secondary Progressed Bi-Wheel

Type of Aspect: Solar Arc to Natal = Directed Solar Arc Bi-Wheel

Error and Information messages

A Crypto note already exists so can't create a chart note

A Crypto Note already exists so can’t create a Chart Note

Only one type of note can exist for each astro chart. Note that there is not much difference between a crypto note and a chart note. Either can be displayed by Full Landscape view #7 Notes

Crypto currency warning

Crypto currency warning

Some short animated Gif’s

Aspect Hits sync'd to Adolf Hitler's chart

AC generated Aspect Hits sync’d to Adolf Hitler’s chart


Aspect Hits for Bitcoin sync'd

AC generated Aspect Hits for Bitcoin sync’d to the financial data and the astro chart – one tap


Other Improvements:

Improved graphic stability for older iPads.

Implemented iCloud back up for AC

AC Knowledge Base for AC backup and restore


Note that the long-press for Saving a SR/LR chart and Antiscia settings is now not available. Tap the Lightning Bolt icon instead.

Aspect Hit, when a natal/transit/Sec. prog./SA chart is being viewed

Save SR/LR, when a SR/LR chart is being viewed

Antiscia Settings, when an antiscia chart is being viewed

Version 1.82

Improved Aspect Line Selection

Fifteen degree aspect lines can be hidden or shown. If a fifteen degree aspect is not selected from the Displayed Aspect table this is ignored. If hidden and the aspect is also selected from the Displayed Aspect table, the fifteen degree aspect will be shown in the Aspect table but the aspect line will not be shown in the chart.

Aspect Line Selection - removing 15 degree aspect lines, with long-press over aspect grid to invoke aspect table

Aspect Line Selection – removing 15 degree aspect lines, with long-press over aspect grid to invoke aspect table


Bug Fix: Improved aspect line algorithm

Bug fix when chart lines are incorrectly drawn – some chart lines converge to the bottom left of the screen.