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    Primary Directions

    In appreciation of the book Annual Predictive Techniques by Martin Gansten. Showing how to use AC with the chart examples given. With comments and observations.

    Please see AC Blog post:

    AC Blog – Primary Directions

    Primary Directions (Tropical and Sidereal) – available AC ver 2.8x

    Keys: Naibod, Ptolemy, Cardan.

    Latitude: None, Promissor, Significator, Both

    Zodiacal, Methods:  Placidus(semi-arc)

    Aspects: Promissors to Significators, Promissors to aspects of Significators (later)

    Inspiration and calculation comparison:

    Primary Directions book – Martin Gansten

    Primary Directions – Gansten

    Astrological Prediction book – Oner Doser

    Astrological Prediction – Oner Doser

    Valens astrology app (Mac)


    Morinus astrology program (MS Windows)


    Solar Fire Gold ver 9, astrology program (MS Windows)

    Solar Fire Gold

    Primary Directions (initial) View

    Primary Directions King Charles III

    Primary Directions King Charles III

    Latest View, 5th April 2023

    AC PD Mercury aspects to Mars Einstein

    AC PD Mercury aspects to Mars Einstein

    Currently working on Terms as Promissors.