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    Primary Directions

    In appreciation of the book Annual Predictive Techniques by Martin Gansten. Showing how to use AC with the chart examples given. With comments and observations.

    Please see AC Blog post:

    AC Blog – Primary Directions

    Primary Directions Module (Tropical and Sidereal)

    • Radix/natal only. Your Charts and Provided Charts

    • Keys: Naibod, Ptolemy, Cardan

    • Type: Zodiacal, Placidus semi-arc

    • Aspects of Promissors to Significators

    • Direct And Converse

    • Terms (bounds) to Asc

    • Latitude: None, Promissor, Significator, Both

    Inspiration and calculation comparison:

    Primary Directions book – Martin Gansten

    Primary Directions – Gansten

    Astrological Prediction book – Oner Doser

    Astrological Prediction – Oner Doser

    Valens astrology app (Mac)


    Morinus astrology program (MS Windows)


    Solar Fire Gold ver 9, astrology program (MS Windows)

    Solar Fire Gold

    AC Primary Directions Menu

    Primary Directions Menu

    Primary Directions Menu

    AC Primary Directions Example

    Primary Directions - Help

    Primary Directions – Help

    Primary Directions Example annotated


    Primary Directions Print Preview

    Primary Directions Print Preview

    PD Print Option

    PD Print Option

    Here’s a link to many AC Primary Directions examples

    Primary Direction examples

    Notes and Caveats

    Promissor: applying planet/point

    Significator: stationary planet/point

    Terms: if Terms is selected (ie ticked) as a promissor – see above, no other promissor is allowed. Also Asc and IC should be the only Significators selected. Conjunction is the aspect that should be selected. See below for video. Egyptian Terms used in all examples.

    Selecting Terms – Video

    Solar Charts

    Not advisable for Primary Directions

    Heliocentric charts

    Not available for Primary Directions


    if the results are sorted Print Preview (icon bottom right) shows the sorted results.

    The last Primary Directions operation (provided the Calculation button is tapped) is automatically saved to the AC database so that on returning to use Primary Directions again the last operation is reloaded.

    Calculating the Primary Directions – the Calculate/Calculated button

    Note that the tick in the Calculate button only appears after the primary directions have been calculated and displayed ie the button has been tapped. The Calculate button text changes to Calculated and a tick appears. Tapping on the Key or Lat choices or Promissor or Significator or Aspects or D/C table records removes the Calculated button tick and changes the Calculated button text to Calculate.

    Basically, changes to anything that might alter/affect the calculated results removes the Calculated tick and changes the text to Calculate. Tap the button again to re-calculate your choices. Please see video below.

    The Calculate/Calculated button – Video

    Direct and Converse PD aspects

    AC King Charles To show PD aspects Direct and Converse

    AC King Charles To show PD aspects Direct and Converse

    Results illustrating the above chart

    King Charles III Aspects

    King Charles III Aspects

    Rectification – module addedAC ver 2.91

    Primary Directions – Rectification. The Astrology Poscast



    Rectification for Primary Directions

    Rectification for Primary Directions

    Starting the process

    Rectification annotated

    Rectification annotated

    Rectification enabled

    Rectificatio started

    Rectificatio started

    Note that time changes using the rectification module does not remove the Calculated tick.