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    AC for the iPhone

    This is a long-term project. Anticipated time to release approx 6 months: April 2024-August 2024. Maybe sooner.

    This page edited 7th May 2024

    All images/designs/procedures subject to change without notice.


    How much will the iPhone version cost? £9.99-£14.99

    Will it have all the features of the iPad version? No. Initially It will be missing some of the larger views available on the iPad. There will be significant design differences. Most features will be available. Comparison table to follow. 

    Will it be available for all iPhones? Probably not. Possibly restricted to iOS 16/17+ which limits the iPhone model range.

    If I have the iPad or Mac version of AC will I have to pay for the iPhone version? Yes.

    Are the chart databases compatible/interchangable? Yes, eg a chart created on an iPad can be viewed on an iPhone.

    Android version? No.

    Do the screenshots show the definitive design? No, not yet.

    Are the iPhone views zoomable? Yes, and user-definable.

    Screenshots of iPhone XR (not Xcode simulated) set to Display Zoom

    AC iphone XR

    AC iphone XR

    AX iPhone XR with Terms

    iPhone XR with Terms

    Not Display Zoomed

    Unzoomed chart

    Unzoomed chart

    Zoomed – can be repositioned etc. iPhone 12.

    Zoomed - portrait

    Zoomed – portrait

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