AstroConnexions, an astrology charting app for your iPad – over six years in the making.


You might be wondering?

What’s so good about this app that will help me understand and progress with astrology?

I understand your question. I have tried and used many astrology charting programs over many years. They all have their pros and cons.

With this in mind I have designed, from scratch, a way to make it easy for you to do what astrologers do every day. I have cut the hassle to the bone. Hopefully, you’ll agree.

There must be a catch?

I’m a professional. I need stuff like secondary progressions in Naibod by RA or Long. No worries. You’re catered for.

Not convinced… check out AstroConnexions features and decide for yourself.


Unique and powerful design to make your life easier.

Natal, transit, progressions, directions, solar and lunar return charts are all available at the tap of a button. No messing about.

Tap the bi-wheel button and see for yourself how easy it is to see a natal chart with transits, progression, directions, solar and lunar returns around it.

See for yourself: watch some short videos..


It’s easier than you ever thought possible. (You’ll wonder why your old software doesn’t do it like this)

The Quick Year or Quick Month picker changes the progressed or directed chart (including Solar and Lunar returns) immediately.

It gets better

Want to look a year(s) ahead? Tap the >> button and watch the outside chart re-position itself – immediately. Want to look 10 years ahead, no problem!

Want to look a month(s), a week or hours ahead? Yep you can.

Go back in time? Yep. Just tap the << button.

Full landscape view of the chart

Eight (or more) dedicated full landscape pages for your astrological pleasure/research/viewpoints.

Full Landscape

Historical charts and research

For the dedicated astrologer.

LAT and LMT settings available.

Historical Charts

And usefully. Over 400 pre-loaded charts are provided in AstroConnexions, grouped by category. They are mostly from AstroDataBank. You know that you’re guaranteed accuracy. Many, if not most provided charts have, AA Rodden rating.

For the MS Windows Solar Fire user

Like me, you use Solar Fire and have charts saved using that program. Can you export your charts from Solar Fire? Yes.

Solar Fire Export

But can you export AstroConnexions charts to Solar Fire and other older programs? Yes.

AstroConnexions Export


Free email support.


Your ideas/suggestions/thoughts/improvements catered for too. Many of AC’s features are customer requests.


AC will always be advert-free and intrusive-free. No in-app purchases.

No user data is collected, stored, transmitted or shared via the iOS AstroConnexions app. No sign-ups, log-ins required.

No 3rd-party SDK (eg Flurry) or API or software is used to analyse or track your use of the iOS AstroConnexions app.