Backup and restore AC user data

New from AC ver 2.50. Backup your AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3 database file using the Apple Files app. Please backup this file regularly. The Files app is available from iOS 12 and comes pre-installed on your iPad.

Files app icon:

Files app icon

Files app icon

Note that the following screenshots are taken from an iPad using iPadOS 15.1

Use the Files app to locate the AstroConnexions folder and tap the AstroConnexions folder.


Files app - location of AC

Files app – location of AC


This is what you should see. Tap the AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3 file


AC files

AC files


You should see this. Tap the Share icon and copy to Dropbox, iCloud etc. 


Share AC User database


To restore – overwrite the newer AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3 with the older backup copy of AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3.

Why might you want to restore? AC might be crashing or similar. Using an older AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3 should fix the problem.

Use the Pad Files app and move the older AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3 file.

Note: long-press the AC database file once you have it on your iPad and can see it using the Files app and chose Move. Select the AC folder. When prompted select overwrite the AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3.


Moving the AC database file

Moving the AC database file

You can backup AC user data using iCloud or iTunes for a Mac/Windows. See also Restore your device from a backup on your computer – On a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15 or later

Backup – Apple

About backups – Apple


Apple Support – Restore

Apple Support – Restore including Restore your device from a backup on your computer

Apple Support – Restore including Restore your device from a backup on your computer

Note to that it isn’t possible to restore AC individually. The restore procedure restore all your app settings/data from your latest backup. It’s quite a long process as your iPad is wiped clean and IOS is reinstalled then you’re asked if you want to restore your backup data from a backup.

If restoring from iCloud don’t backup your data when asked by the process. You need to restore from a backup prior to getting the crash.

When your iPad is backed-up the AC back-up consists of:

The AC database: AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3 – a SQLite database. Shown below in DB Browser for SQLite (for Mac)

Some tables are:

  • UserPreferences, eg Type of Solar Arc, long or RA
  • UserPreferences2, eg Reports preferences, snapshot preferences, etc
  • AspectHits – aspect hit data
  • AstroChartsList –  a list of your charts and associated data
  • CryptoInfo – Crypto Notes and Chart Notes
  • Snapshots 
DB Browser for SQLite

DB Browser for SQLite – AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3




My iPad

My iPad – note backup for AC is set automatically.


Batch/Bulk export of Your Charts

You can also backup Your Charts using the Batch/Bulk export function: (from AC ver 1.95)

Export and Delete Charts

AC extra support

DIY – fixing AC’s database

For those who have some knowledge of computers and databases, DIY. What do you need?

A SQLite editor is all you need, a PC or a MAC:

DB Browser for SQLite  is what I use – it’s free.

Or for iOS, SQLiteFlow maybe the answer. I haven’t tried it – £8.99.

Deleting the last record should fix the problem. Always backup the backup!





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