Back up and restore AC user data

You can backup AC user data using iCloud or iTunes for a Mac/Windows

Backup – Apple

About backups – Apple


Restore – Apple

Note to that it isn’t possible to restore AC individually. All restore procedures restore all your app settings/data from your latest backup.

AC back up consists of:

The AC database: AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3 – a SQLite database.

The tables are:

  • UserPreferences, eg Type of Solar Arc, long or RA
  • UserPreferences2, eg Reports preferences (from AC ver 2.26)
  • AspectHits – aspect hit data
  • AstroChartsList –  a list of your charts and associated data
  • CryptoInfo – Crypto Notes and Chart Notes


My iPad

My iPad – note backup for AC is set automatically.


Batch/Bulk export of Your Charts

You can also backup Your Charts using the Batch/Bulk export function: (from AC ver 1.95)

Export and Delete Charts







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