Please note that since AstroConnexions was released August 2016, many improvements and changes have occurred. Some of the screenshots may not show these updates. However, in the main, these screenshots do accurately show AstroConnexions many features.

Not all of AstroConnexions many features are shown. Screenshots are mainly from an iPad Air 2.

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Full Landscape

Full Landscape - Fixed Stars
Full landscape View #2 Bi-Wheel
Al Pacino Full landscape Natal - View Two
Full landscape without Fixed Stars
Midpoint Trees Full Landscape
Full landscape View for Notes
Sync astro chart with Aspect Hits

Natal Charts – traditional, proportional, proportional with Terms, proportional with Terms and Triplicities

Traditional (plain) Natal Chart layout
Natal Chart - proportional
Natal Chart - proportional with Terms
Natal Chart - proportional with Terms and Triplicity

Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit

John Kerry Natal with Zodiacal Releasing

Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit – tables

ZR - Selecting Major Period and L3

Tap Planet/Part to view pop-up details – or can zoom to do this

Tap planet for details
Main screen showing Neptune details

Date/Time (go forward, go backwards): Interval Settings. And Date pick pop-up

Step interval
Date Pop-up Full Landscape

Import Charts – Quick*Charts

Import Quick Charts

Import Quick Charts and reverse geocoder

Quick chart file ticked/selected

Chart File Management

Colour Chart List Records by Type
Import Quick*Charts menu button
Export for AC Import and New Chart filters

Returns – Solar and Lunar (with relocation and precession adjustment)

Long Press Solar Or Lunar Return Button shows Relocation/Precession popover

Eclipse – Solar and Lunar

Eclipse Table/Aspects
Eclipse Search Natal Chart Planets and Points

Midpoints – Uranian – Midpoint Trees and Aspects

Aspects to Midpoint Trees with Header
Aspects to planetary Natal Midpoints

Aspect Hits to Natal

Aspect Hit Additions

Aspect Hits Time Map

Time Map example #1 - Yearly
More Settings for Aspect Hits

House Systems

Placidus, RegiomontanusEqual, Topocentric, CampanusPorphyrius, Koch, Alcabitus, MorinusWhole sign, APC

House Systems

Fixed Stars Table

With prominent user-defined setting

Fixed Stars Table

Arabian Parts/Lots Settings

Parts or Lots settings

Nodes etc, Settings

Nodes etc settings

Antiscia aspects to Natal Chart

Antiscisa aspects to Natal

Fixed Stars Aspects

Note fixed stars are shown on the chart as a small star. Black star if conjunct a planet or point. Red star if conjunct ASC or MC.

Fixed Stars Aspects

Displayed Planets and Points Table – Parts

Parts selected and displayed

Displayed Planets and Points - Parts

Displayed Planets and Points – All

All selected and displayed

Displayed Planets and Points - All

Wheel Types Options

Wheel Types

All Moon’s Aspects (Single Wheel, and Bi-wheel)

Notice that the chart only shows the Moon’s aspect lines

All Moons Aspects

All Moon’s Applying Aspects (Single Wheel, and Bi-wheel)

Notice that the chart only shows the Moon’s applying aspect lines – Conjunction lines and Parallels of Declination lines cannot be shown on the chart

All Moons Applying Aspects

Selected Moon’s Applying Aspect (Single Wheel, and Bi-wheel)

Note selecting a conjunction or a parallel of declination aspects has no effect

Selected Moons Aspect

Selected Midpoint Aspect Lines (Single Wheel, and Bi-wheel)

Theme Colours Table

Theme Colours Table - Green

Line Colours

Colours for Lines and Circles

Fill Colours

Fill Colours

Essential dignities and Debilities

More info
Essential dignities landscape - grey theme

Chart Calculations Menu

Chart Calculations menu #1
Chart Calculations menu #2

Secondary Progressions Settings

Secondary Progressed Settings

Solar Arc Directions Settings

Solar Arc Directions Settings

Bi-Wheel and Secondary Progressions

iPad air Bi-wheel

Editing a Chart’s Details

Editing a chart's details

Chart Data (Speculum)


Qualities, Elements, etc


Additional points and asteroids

Displayed Planets menu
Additional points and asteroids

Synastry – Chart Comparison

Synastry - Chart Comparison

Synastry – Chart Composite

Composite chart - midpoint method