Why would I want to use this?

Sometimes the Time Zone database used by AC may give an incorrect time zone. Why? Local knowledge can trump the database. The database may not have been updated with this particular time zone value. Errors occur. An incorrect time zone may give an incorrect ASC and/or MC.

How to use:

Go the Edit Chart screen. Or New Chart.

Ensure that the correct local time has been entered.

Long-press over the Time of Birth field:

Time Zone Fix

Time Zone Fix



Tap the Zone Abbrev. button and tap the required Zone Abbreviation from the resultant table – you may need to scroll quite a bit. For instance, the chart may require a zone abbreviation of CST.

Tap the Hours Mins. button and select the required hours and minutes from the resultant table. Note that it is possible to select a negative hour and minute. For instance, the correct Time Zone might be -06:00:00

Tap the Save button. Inspect the chart to see if the chart is now correct.



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