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    Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit/Fortune

    ZR from Fortune available from AC ver 2.92 and iPhone.

    Available for Your Charts, Provided Charts, Tropical/Sidereal zodiac

    Zodiacal Releasing – a personal recollection – AC Knowledge Base

    Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology (2) – Annual Profections, Lots, and Zodiacal Releasing: – external website

    Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit/Aphesis – external website

    Also see the excellent book: Hellenistic Astrology, Chris Brennan, 2017

    How to view Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit/Fortune (default view is ZR by Spirit)

    POS = Part of Sprit

    POF = Part of Fortune

    ZR can only be accessed from full landscape. Ensure that the POF, and POS are shown in the chart. A visual check: the Major Periods should start with the same zodiac sign as the POS is in, unless both are in the same sign as eg, John Kerry.

    It is preferable/recommended to have the Parts/Lots set to Different Day/Night

    Parts/Lots Settings

    Parts/Lots Settings

    POS and POF selected

    POS and POF selected

    POS and POF selected

    Note only single-wheel Natal/Radix charts are permitted.

    Einsten’s chart for ZR

    Einstein's ZR. Note the POS in Libra.

    Einstein’s ZR. Note the POS in Libra: the major periods start in Libra.


    Full Landscape – ZR

    John Kerry Natal with ZR

    John Kerry Natal

    John Kerry Natal


    Tap over the ZR listing to see the ZR tables


    ZR - Tables

    ZR – Tables. Tap bottom right icon for listing ZR results.


    ZR - Listing

    ZR – Listing


    John Kerry an example of Fortune and Spirit in the same sign


    ZR - Selecting Major Period and L3

    ZR – Selecting a Major Period (January 9th 2007) and L3 (November 28th 2014)



    ZR - Kerry Listing L1 and L2

    ZR – Kerry Listing L1 and L2



    ZR - Selected Major Period - Full Landscape

    ZR – Selected Major Period



    ZR - Kerry Listing L3

    ZR – Kerry Listing L3

    ZR from Fortune

    Zodiacal releasing from Fortune

    Zodiacal releasing from Fortune

    Tap Fortune (if Spirit is selected) and then tap away from Spirit/Fortune choice to update main view ZR tables.

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