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    Aspect Hits sync’d to astro chart

    Aspect Hits

    View #6, Financial chart. Note that View #5 works in a similar way, except the actual aspects are displayed. See below


    Bitcoin Aspect Hits - Sync to Chart

    Bitcoin Aspect Hits – Sync to Chart

    Aspect Hits View #5. To view a recently generated Aspect Hit listing (if the aspect hits are not listed or an updated aspect hit is available) Tap over the Aspect Hit title.

    Aspect Hits View #5 and Table

    Aspect Hits View #5 and Table


    Syncing Aspect Hits (by tapping an Aspect Hit date in the Aspect Hit table) is done by date only. The exact time an aspect occurs is not taken into account. It is possible to navigate to the exact time, if necessary, by using the time stepper, hours and minutes (next to the Time button).

    Only exact hits are displayed.

    From Ver 2.96

    Aspect Hits View #5:
    Selecting one of the choices All, Tr/r, Tr/Tr Sec., SA from the Aspect Hit table, top-right, also refreshes the Aspect Hits Listing.

    Aspects Hits table selection

    Aspects Hits table selection