Your Unanswered Emails!

Updated 15th November 20022

Sometimes I get support emails that I cannot reply to because there is no email return address or the email address has a typo. I’ve had a number of these over the years. Sometimes I can resolve the issue, sometimes not.

I have started this page because I don’t want people to think I haven’t either received or replied to their email. It has occurred to me that a reply may not be required or wanted!

I will not disclose any incorrect email or anyone’s surname/last name or anything that might cause spam, etc. I will respect everyone’s privacy. What I will do is show my answer to the email here. The person involved can also email me again, if they wish. I may also show all or part of the original email, always respecting the privacy of the sender of course.

eMail received 25th August 2022, request for Almuten’s from Cindy. No return email! Please get in touch Cindy with your eMail. Fixed.

eMail received 1st December 2019, replied (bounced) 1st December 2019: Kate asks:

I would love to see you add a 30 degree ruler sometime if it interests you. Fixed, although not implemented yet.

My reply, which bounced:

Hi Kate

Glad you like AC! Thanks for the feedback.

Not sure what a 30 degree ruler is. Have you any links to websites that might explain this? Or can you explain?

Just had a thought. Is it for horary – showing the aspects? If it is I’ve been thinking about doing this.



eMail received 16th Jan 2020, couldn’t reply (return email not supplied) 16th Jan 2020: Marilyn asks:

About a Time Zone Issue.

My unsent reply:

Hi Marilyn,

Thanks for you feedback, I’m sorry you’re having a time issue with my app.
However, this time issue with AC is a quite a rare occurrence as I think you’ll find.
This will fix the time issue problem. If it doesn’t please get back to me and I’ll try to fix the problem ASAP.

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