Your Unanswered Emails!

started 2nd Dec 2019

Sometimes I get support emails that I cannot reply to because there is no email return address or the email address has a typo. I’ve had a number of these over the years. Sometimes I can resolve the issue, sometimes not.

Please note that Feedback emails do not require a return email address.

This is the Feedback page:


I have started this page because I don’t want people to think I haven’t either received or replied to their email. It has occurred to me that a reply may not be required or wanted!

I will not disclose any incorrect email or anyone’s surname/last name or anything that might cause spam, etc. I will respect everyone’s privacy. What I will do is show my answer to the email here. The person involved can also email me again, if they wish. I may also show all or part of the original email, always respecting the privacy of the sender of course.

eMail received 1st December 2019, replied (bounced) 1st December 2019: Kate asks:

I would love to see you add a 30 degree ruler sometime if it interests you.

My reply, which bounced:

Hi Kate

Glad you like AC! Thanks for the feedback.

Not sure what a 30 degree ruler is. Have you any links to websites that might explain this? Or can you explain?

Just had a thought. Is it for horary – showing the aspects? If it is I’ve been thinking about doing this.



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