Quick Start Animated Gif’s

Here are some short animated GIF’s

Changing the chart wheel.


Changing Chart Wheel

Changing Chart Wheel


Browsing Charts – for Your Charts too.

Browse Charts

Browse Charts for Provided Charts

Aspect Hits – preparation and display

Aspect Hits to Bitcoin

Aspect Hits to Bitcoin – since this GIF was made the Aspect Hits Results table is shorter so that the Crypto financial chart can be seen. See GIF below.

Aspect Hits to Bitcoin chart sync’d


Aspect Hits for Bitcoin sync'd

Aspect Hits for Bitcoin sync’d

Note that some of the icons have changed since these GIF’s were created.

Isolating bi-wheel aspects

Isolate Bi-Wheel aspect

Isolate Bi-Wheel aspect

Tap the aspect table record to isolate the aspect. Tap the same record to display all aspects or tap another aspect record to view an isolated aspect.

Why might this be useful? Aspects to radical positions from transiting/progress/directed planets/points can be difficult to see – this helps.

Go forward and backwards – examining a progressed aspect: MC p conj Venus r


Examining a Progression

Examining a Progression

Note that the report for aspects is available AC ver 2.26