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Available for Your Charts and Provided Charts

  • Transits to Natal planets/points
  • Transits to Transit planets/points
  • Secondary progressions to Natal planets/points
  • Solar Arc directions to Natal planets/points


Aspect Hit Additions

Aspect Hit Additions

Aspect Hits to Bitcoin

Aspect Hits to Bitcoin – since this GIF was made the Aspect Hits Results table is shorter so that the Crypto financial chart can be seen. See GIF below.

Aspect Hits for Bitcoin sync'd

Aspect Hits for Bitcoin sync’d

Aspect table legend

t = transit

r = radix/natal

p = progressed (secondary progression)

d = direction (Solar Arc)


E = Entering

X = Exact

L = Leaving

> = Already in aspect when entering

< = Already in aspect when leaving

See More Settings for Aspect Hits screenshot below.

Aspect Hit - Entering Leaving

Aspect Hit – Entering Leaving

Using the Aspects Hit view:

  1. Tap the start date field to pick a start date. See screenshot below.
  2. Tap Days, or Months, or Years for the period. See screenshot below.
  3. Tap the stepper to increase or decrease the period from the start date to the end date. See screenshot below.
  4. Tap Transits, and/or Sec prog, and/or Solar Arc switches
  5. Select Planets and/or Points
  6. Select Natal Planets/Point
  7. Select Aspects
  8. Tap Calculate
  9. Tap the Cancel button to stop the calculations.
Aspect Hit - Start Date

Aspect Hit – Start Date



Aspect Hit - Months Selected

Aspect Hit – Months Selected




Aspect Hit - Seven Months Selected

Aspect Hit – Seven Months Selected



Ready to Calculate…



More Settings for Aspect Hits

More Settings for Aspect Hits

Aspects Hit Print Preview

Aspects Hit Print Preview

Aspect Hits - Print

Aspect Hits – Print


Changing the applying or separating orb doesn’t immediately change the aspect results list. Tap the Calculate button to see the new orb applied

All Transit/Sec Prog/Solar Arc/ Natal/Aspects selections from their associated tables are saved when the Calculate button is tapped. Initially, none are selected, ie on first use.

Aspects Hits does not depend on the planet’s and/or points selected for the natal chart. Thus all or any aspects to natal points can be calculated.


There can sometimes be two exact aspects in a given period of time, due to retro planetary action. Currently, AC may only take into account one exact aspect.
However, reducing the Enter and Leaving aspect orb can help to fix this.


Jupiter trine to radical Moon between the periods of 4th June 2018 and 3rd August 2018 there were two exact aspects, 16th June and the 3rd of August. AC reports the 16th June, if the Enter and Leaving aspect orb is set to 1 degree. This is because the enter and leave dates for the aspect of the 16th June 2018 overlap the 3rd of Aug 2018 aspect date. Aaron Spelling Natal.
Reduce the Enter and Leaving aspect orb to fix.

Useful summary (from ver 2.07

Summary of Progressions and Directions settings

Summary of Progressions and Directions settings


Further Considerations:

Due to retrograde motion occasionally an aspect maybe missed. Again reducing the Entering and Leaving orbs to a minimum (eg 0.06 mins) can help. Reducing the Entering and Leaving orbs to a minimum can help even when Exact Only is selected from the Performance settings. Thus is often only useful for transits.

If you get many hits with the same date/time, increase the Entering and Leaving orbs. Applies to Sec Progressions, and Solar Arcs.

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