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    Aspect Hits view: select from Top Menu

    (for Export to CSV – scroll down)

    Aspect Hits View calculates and shows aspect hits (Transits, Sec Prog, SA, Midpoints) to the currently displayed natal chart over a user-selectable date range. The resultant data is saved on exit, (bottom left – Done button).


    Top Menu

    Top Menu

    Available for Your Charts and Provided Charts

    • Transits to Natal planets/points
    • Transits to Transit planets/points
    • Secondary progressions to Natal planets/points
    • Solar Arc directions to Natal planets/points
    • Midpoints (from AC ver 2.75)

    After exiting the Aspect Hit view the full landscape View #5 or View #6 can be used to view the automatically saved resultant aspect hits. The aspects table in View #5/6 can be sync’d to the displayed charts. Please see:

    Aspect Hits sync’d


    Aspect Hits with added Midpoints

    Aspect Hits with added Midpoints

    Calculate Button

    Tapping the Calculate button AC immediately saves the ticks made in the Aspect Hit tables. The midpoint tables Natal Planets/Points and Midpoint Aspects are saved immediately (if the Midpts button is selected and prior to tapping the Calculate button).


    Aspect Hits to the Bitcoin chart – View #5

    Aspect Hits to Bitcoin

    Aspect Hits to Bitcoin – since this GIF was made the Aspect Hits Results table is shorter so that the Crypto financial chart can be seen. See GIF below.

    Aspect Hits to the Bitcoin chart – View #6 (Financial)

    Aspect Hits for Bitcoin sync'd

    Aspect Hits for Bitcoin sync’d

    Aspect table legend

    t = transit

    r = radix/natal

    p = progressed (secondary progression)

    d = direction (Solar Arc)


    E = Entering

    X = Exact

    L = Leaving

    > = Already in aspect when entering

    < = Already in aspect when leaving

    See More Settings for Aspect Hits screenshot below.

    Aspect Hit - Entering Leaving

    Aspect Hit – Entering Leaving

    Using the Aspects Hit view:

    1. Tap the start date field to pick a start date. See screenshot below.
    2. Tap Days, or Months, or Years for the period. See screenshot below.
    3. Tap the stepper to increase or decrease the period from the start date to the end date. See screenshot below.
    4. Tap Transits, and/or Sec prog, and/or Solar Arc switches
    5. Select Planets and/or Points
    6. Select Natal Planets/Point
    7. Select Aspects
    8. Tap Calculate
    9. Tap the Cancel button to stop the calculations.

    For Midpoints – as above but

    1. Tap the Midpts button to enable it and populate the midpoints table.
    2. To apply ticks to all midpoints tap the All Midpoints button. Tap again to remove all the ticks. Tap a midpoint record to select it or unselect it (apply a tick or remove a tick)

    Note midpoints follow the The Combination of Stellar Influence (COSI) standard  but also have Chiron included.

    Amazon – COSI

    Aspect Hit - Start Date

    Aspect Hit – Start Date



    Aspect Hit - Months Selected

    Aspect Hit – Months Selected



    Aspect Hit - Seven Months Selected

    Aspect Hit – Seven Months Selected


    Ready to Calculate…


    More Settings for Aspect Hits

    More Settings for Aspect Hits

    Aspects Hit Print Preview

    Aspects Hit Print Preview

    Aspect Hits - Print

    Aspect Hits – Print


    Changing the applying or separating orb doesn’t immediately change the aspect results list. Tap the Calculate button to see the new orb applied

    All Transit/Sec Prog/Solar Arc/ Natal/Aspects and midpoint selections from their associated tables are saved when the Calculate button is tapped. Initially, none are selected, ie on first use.

    Aspects Hits does not depend on the planet’s and/or points selected for the natal chart. Thus all or any aspects to natal points can be calculated.


    There can sometimes be two exact aspects in a given period of time, due to retro planetary action. Currently, AC may only take into account one exact aspect.
    However, reducing the Enter and Leaving aspect orb can help to fix this.


    Jupiter trine to radical Moon between the periods of 4th June 2018 and 3rd August 2018 there were two exact aspects, 16th June and the 3rd of August. AC reports the 16th June, if the Enter and Leaving aspect orb is set to 1 degree. This is because the enter and leave dates for the aspect of the 16th June 2018 overlap the 3rd of Aug 2018 aspect date. Aaron Spelling Natal.
    Reduce the Enter and Leaving aspect orb to fix.

    Useful summary (from ver 2.07

    Summary of Progressions and Directions settings

    Summary of Progressions and Directions settings


    Further Considerations:

    Due to retrograde motion occasionally an aspect maybe missed. Again reducing the Entering and Leaving orbs to a minimum (eg 0.06 mins) can help. Reducing the Entering and Leaving orbs to a minimum can help even when Exact Only is selected from the Performance settings. This is often only useful for transits.

    If you get many hits with the same date/time, increase the Entering and Leaving orbs. Applies to Sec Progressions, and Solar Arcs.

    Additional functionality:

    CSV export Aspect Hits results to iPad Text file (from AC ver 2.69)

    Export AC Aspect Hits listing as a CSV file ready for import into the free Apple iOS app Numbers and other spreadsheet programs on Mac or Windows.

    NB the CSV files are not exported to Drop Box.


    Aspect Hits with new Export to CSV icon

    Aspect Hits with new Export to CSV icon

    CSV File Name View – tap the file name field to edit. The default file name is taken from the current Aspect Hits form title.

    CSV file Name View

    CSV file Name View – tap the file name field to edit.


    Locating the saved Aspect Hits CSV file on your Mac – use Finder

    CSV Mac location

    Locating the saved Aspect Hits CSV file on your iPad – Tap the Files app icon

    Files App

    Files App


    Files App view

    On My iPad

    On My iPad


    AstroConnexions Folder

    AstroConnexions Folder


    AC Exports folder

    AC Exports folder


    Transit example

    Aspect Hits CSV file

    Aspect Hits CSV file

    Notes and Caveats

    An unfortunate limitation of iOS is that rich text cannot be saved to a text file ie symbols (eg zodiac signs etc) can’t be saved to a text file.

    Only exact results are saved as CSV. Other results are ignored. See Performance setting – for exact aspects only.

    24 hour time display is always used in the CSV file.


    For increased performance

    For increased performance


    CSV Position column:  seconds ” can’t be shown as the export routine uses ” to identify columns.

    Commas can’t be shown in dates as commas are used as delimiters.

    t = transit

    p = secondary progression

    d = solar arc direction

    r = radix

    For Comparison – the Aspect Hits Results the CSV file was derived from.

    Aspect Hit Results

    Aspect Hit Results