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    Traditional Horary features/settings


    Horary Aspect table settings

    Show only applying major aspects with traditional planets in the Aspect Table (bottom left) – a preferred traditional astrology setting.

    Aspect Table: horary settings

    Traditional Planetary Orbs (moiety)

    Traditional Planetary Orbs

    Planetary Hours

    Day and hour Lords

    Planetary Hours

    Day and hour Lords

    Antiscia charts and aspects


    Essential Dignities and Debilities table

    Terms: Ptolemy, Egyptian Chaldean

    Triplicity: Dorotheus, Lilly

    Essential Dignities and Debilities

    Planetary Sect, Almutens

    Planetary Sect, Almutens

    Terms and Triplicities shown around proportional chart wheel

    Terms, triplicities

    Traditional chart wheel

    Traditional Chart wheel

    Nudge Chart in real-time to see when any or next aspect perfects

    Nudge Chart

    Traditional Chart overview

    Traditional overview

    Traditional overview

    Historical Charts

    Culpepper Chart

    Historical Charts – Nostradamus