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    Traditional Horary features/settings


    Horary Aspect table settings

    Show only applying major aspects with traditional planets in the Aspect Table (bottom left) – a preferred traditional astrology setting.

    Aspect Table: horary settings

    Traditional Planetary Orbs (moiety)

    Traditional Planetary Orbs

    Planetary Hours

    Day and hour Lords

    Planetary Hours

    Antiscia charts and aspects


    Essential Dignities and Debilities table

    Terms: Ptolemy, Egyptian Chaldean

    Triplicity: Dorotheus, Lilly

    Essential Dignities and Debilities

    Terms and Triplicities shown around proportional chart wheel

    Terms, triplicities

    Traditional chart wheel

    Traditional Chart wheel

    Nudge Chart in real-time to see when any or next aspect perfects

    Nudge Chart

    Traditional Chart overview

    Traditional overview

    Traditional overview

    Historical Charts

    Culpepper Chart

    Historical Charts – Nostradamus