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    Support – extra information

    The EU Digital Services Act as interpreted by Apple requires me to provide a phone number for the App Store. This phone number is not an AstroConnexions help/support number. Support is only available via email – [email protected]

    Please note that via this phone number:

    1. I am unable to give a refund – only Apple can do this. I have no user identifiable information.
    2. I am unable to supply advice or assistance with buying AstroConnexions.
    3. The AstroConnexions app can only be bought through the App Store.
    4. The AstroConnexions app can only be upgraded through the App Store, or through Apple’s upgrade mechanism.

    Any correspondence should be via [email protected]

    The EU Digital Services Act as interpreted by Apple requires me to provide an address for the App Store. This address is not an office or a meeting place – it is a private.

    An option in your iPad settings to load the default AC chart (usually Aaron Spelling) on next app launch has been added, from AC ver 2.61

    Why? If the currently viewed AC chart gets corrupted and AC crashes and won’t subsequently load setting this switch will allow AC to load. Then you can delete the offending chart in Export/Delete AC Charts (tap Recent to show the most recently created charts).

    Close down AC. Go to your iPad settings, select AstroConnections

    iPad settings - scroll to find AC

    iPad settings – scroll to find AC

    AC Settings and Information

    iPad Settings for AC

    iPad Settings for AC

    Switch the control ON (don’t forget to switch it off when you’re done)

    Set the switch on

    Set the switch on

    Here’s the Export/Delete AC charts option

    Export/Delete AC charts

    Export/Delete AC charts

    Another option is to restore from iCloud

     If restore from iCloud fails to fix the problem and AC continues to crash…

    If AC keeps crashing every time you launch AC I can help if you face losing many charts. But DO NOT REINSTALL AC. You will lose all your charts!

    Only reinstall AC if you’ve exported your AC chart files. You can then import these back into the newly installed AC.

    Restore AC from iCloud if possible. This can be tedious but works well.

    If restoring from iCloud don’t backup your data when asked by the process. You need to restore from a backup prior to getting the crash.

    Please see this:

    Backup your AC database file

    Procedure. If all else fails and you haven’t reinstalled AC ( this service is available at no cost from AC ver 2.50 ).

    Send me your AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3 database file which I can test and fix. Note your privacy will always be respected. You will need at least an iPad from 2018 and iOS 12.0+. Note that the following screenshots are using iPadOS 15.1

    Files app icon:

    Files app icon

    Files app icon


    Use the Files app to locate the AstroConnexions folder and tap the AstroConnexions folder.


    Files app - location of AC

    Files app – location of AC


    This is what you should see. Tap the AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3 file


    AC files

    AC files


    You should see this. Tap the Share icon and copy to Dropbox, iCloud etc. Send to AC support.


    Share AC User database

    Share AC User database

    You can send it to me via email or a link to your dropbox etc.

    Once fixed (this may involve deleting one or move chart files) I’ll return the database file.

    When you get the database file back from me just reverse the above procedure and overwrite the original file. Note: long-press the fixed AC database file once you have it on your iPad and can see it using the Files app and chose Move. Select the AC folder. When prompted select overwrite the old AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3.

    iPad files app and moving the AstroConnexionsUser.sqlite3 file.

    Moving the AC database file

    Moving the AC database file


    Launch AC and see if ok. Let me know.

    DIY – fixing AC’s database

    For those who have some knowledge of computers and databases, DIY. What do you need?

    A SQLite editor is all you need, a PC or a MAC:

    DB Browser for SQLite  is what I use – it’s free.

    Or for iOS, SQLiteFlow maybe the answer. I haven’t tried it – £8.99.

    Deleting the last record should fix the problem. Always backup the backup!

    Help me to help you – enable Share with App Developers – it’s on your iPad.

    Tap the Settings icon and then tap Privacy:

    Settings icon:

    Settings Icon

    Settings Icon

    Share with app developers

    Share with app developers

    No need to do anything else, except try to run/launch AC again. Apple will send me the crash log automatically, within a day or so, and I can investigate the reason for the crash. And hopefully fix the problem.

    From now on Apple will send me your crash logs if AC should crash again. Note that I cannot identify whose AC crash logs I get – there’s no user-identifiable data. I get to see what type of iPad and that’s about it! Plus, of course the code for the crash. I also don’t receive any other app’s crash logs.

    Email AC Support

    Email Support

    How to find crash logs on your iPad (if you wish!)

    Crash Logs – external site

    Note that I use Google translate to help with support emails in a language other than English.

    Tenga en cuenta que uso el traductor de Google para ayudar con los correos electrónicos de soporte en un idioma que no sea inglés.

    Observe que eu uso o Google translate para ajudar com e-mails de suporte em outro idioma que não o inglês.



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