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Help me to help you – enable Share with App Developers – it’s on your iPad.

Tap the Settings icon and then tap Privacy:

Settings icon:

Settings Icon

Settings Icon

Share with app developers

Share with app developers

No need to do anything else, except try to run/launch AC again. Apple will send me the crash log automatically, within a day or so, and I can investigate the reason for the crash. And hopefully fix the problem.

From now on Apple will send me your crash logs if AC should crash again. Note that I cannot identify whose AC crash logs I get – there’s no user-identifiable data. I get to see what type of iPad and that’s about it! Plus, of course the code for the crash. I also don’t receive any other app’s crash logs.

Email AC Support

Email Support

How to find crash logs on your iPad (if you wish!)

Crash Logs – external site

Note that I use Google translate to help with support emails in a language other than English.

Tenga en cuenta que uso el traductor de Google para ayudar con los correos electrónicos de soporte en un idioma que no sea inglés.

Observe que eu uso o Google translate para ajudar com e-mails de suporte em outro idioma que não o inglês.



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