Essential Dignities and Debilities

AstroConnexions scores the essential dignities and debilities table as follows

A planet in its:

Domicile: +5

Exaltation +4

Detriment -5

Fall -4

Triplicity +3

Term +2

Face +1


If a planet has no essential dignities nor debilities it is marked as peregrine, with a “p” and given a score of -5

Mutual reception is not included in the calculations for dignity or debility.

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Essential dignites table

Essential dignites table


Solar Fire difference

You may notice a difference between the triplicity values in the Essential Dignities table shown by Solar Fire, Astro Gold and AstroConnexions.

There are three settings available according to the SF help.

• Ptolemy – As defined in his book “Tetrabiblos”
• Lilly – As defined in his book “Christian Astrology”
• Dorothean – According to Dorotheus of Sidon.

The default setting for SF is for Ptolemy. The setting used by AC is Ptolemy as defined by Lilly.

The major difference is that Lilly gives Mars to the water signs. The Ptolemy setting used by SF does not.

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