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    Planetary Sect and Almutens, including house Almutens

    Planned for AC ver 3.xx. Started February 5th 2024, updated 9th Feb 2024. Expect this page to be updated frequently.

    Please email with any suggestions/ideas/thoughts via support.

    All images/designs/procedures subject to change without notice.

    SF or SFG = Solar Fire Gold ver 9, MS Windows program.

    EDD = Essential Dignities/Debilities

    MR = Mutual Reception

    AC Knowledge base: Dignities and Debilities

    Example of the Essential Dignities Table as shown in AC


    Essential dignites table

    Currently AC does not calculate Essential Dignities/Debilities or display them in the same way as SFG does. Nor does AC have a Planetary Sect module. AC’s EDD is not essentially different though. It’s just missing some features, such as mutual receptions.

    AC is preparing to rectify this. Planetary Sect, house Almutens and options to match Solar Fire Essential Dignities calculations and tables are planned. This is quite an extensive undertaking so it might take some weeks. In this post I’ll be chronicling the progress with screenshots and comparisons with SFG. Note that House Almutens requires Sect calculations .

    Hopefully The Almutin Figuris or Chart Ruler can be included.

    Solar Fire And AC EDD – Ted Turner nataL chart

    Doro trip Chart no MR Ted Turner SF

    Doro trip Chart no MR Ted Turner SF



    Ted Turner EDD

    Ted Turner EDD


    Solar Fire: Saturn and Mars have -5 added to their scores because they are peregrine – see editor screenshot below. Venus in Trip is not scored – out of sect.

    AC: If a planet has no essential dignities nor debilities it is marked as peregrine, with a “p” and given a score of -5. Venus trip is scored +3. Planetary Sect will be taken into account very soon.

    Solar Fire EDD editor settings for AC

    Default SF EDD Editor

    Note the In Triplicity (in Sect)

    Essential dig editor #1 Solar Fire

    Essential dig editor #1 Solar Fire


    Planetary Sect for Ted Turner SF Chart

    Venus in her triplicity (out of sect) would not be taken into account using the default SF EDD, if SF’s default settings were used. Similarly EDD with Dorotheus Trip would not score Venus in her trip, by default.

    Doro trip Ptolemy terms Chart no MR Ted Turner SF

    Doro trip Ptolemy terms Chart no MR Ted Turner SF

    Triplicity is strongly associated with sect.

    AC Planetary Sect Ted Turner

    (available for the iPhone/iPad/Mac)

    Planetary Sect Ted Turner

    Planetary Sect Ted Turner

    In Triplicity – in Sect. To Do

    In Triplicity - in sect

    In Triplicity – in sect