Miscellaneous Settings – Transit and Returns Orbs

Miscellaneous Settings

Miscellaneous Settings


More or less self-explanatory. But…


When a Natal Chart is being viewed.

Previously selecting the bi-wheel button would display the Natal Chart with an empty outer wheel. To avoid this selecting Transits or Sec. Prog. or Solar Arc will cause the bi-wheel chart to be displayed as selected.


Information Message

When changing Country when creating a New chart or Editing a chart a message comes up eg: (here the change is from the UK to the USA).


Country Message

Country Message


The message can be suppressed in the Miscellaneous Settings.

Or for Transit Bi-Wheel Orb Settings – Long-press

Transit bi-wheel orb settings. Long-press over Transit menu button to show the Transit bi-wheel orb settings view.


Transit long-press for bi-wheel orb

Transit long-press for bi-wheel orb


Transit bi-wheel Orb

Transit bi-wheel Orb settings



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