Essential Dignities and Debilities

AstroConnexions scores the essential dignities and debilities table as follows

A planet in its:

Domicile: +5

Exaltation +4

Detriment -5

Fall -4

Triplicity +3

Term +2

Face +1


If a planet has no essential dignities nor debilities it is marked as peregrine, with a “p” and given a score of -5

Mutual reception is not included in the calculations for dignity or debility.

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Essential Dignities

Example of the Essential Dignities Table as shown in AC


Essential dignites table

Essential dignities table


Note the black star/asterisk next to a planet. This indicates that it has a value and is used to calculate the eventual score in the Score column. Eg Venus is in the Terms of Venus so is given a score of 2, but Venus is also in her detriment so she gets a score of -5. So the overall score is -3.


Solar Fire difference

You may notice a difference between the triplicity values in the Essential Dignities table shown by Solar Fire, Astro Gold and AstroConnexions.

There are three settings available according to the SF help.

• Ptolemy – As defined in his book “Tetrabiblos”
• Lilly – As defined in his book “Christian Astrology”
• Dorothean – According to Dorotheus of Sidon.


Terms and Triplicities

Currently AC’s Essential Dignities table always shows Ptolemy/Lilly, so that the triplicities are as defined by Lilly. Everything else is Ptolemy.

Here’s a good explanation about the use of triplicity by Lilly.

Triplicity Rulers

Discrepancy between Essential Dignity table and displayed Terms and Triplicities

However, the triplicity calculations as shown by AC’s displayed charts is by Dorotheus and the terms displayed are those selected by the Terms/Triplicities settings. This is not reflected correctly in AC’s Essential Dignities table which always shows Ptolemy/Lilly.


Terms and Trip in the chart

Terms and Trip in the chart


Showing the corrected Terms and Triplicities in the Essential Dignities Table


Terms and Triplicities Settings

Terms and Triplicities Settings – for AC ver 2.28+



Setting the terms to Egyptian or Chaldean does not affect the calculations of the Essential Dignities table. Also Triplicities are always those as defined by Lilly. With AC version 2.28 or later this will change so that the Essential Dignities table will reflect whatever is selected from the Terms/Triplicities settings.


Single Wheel/Bi-wheel – Essential Dignities table display

When a single wheel chart is displayed the Essential Dignities table shows the calculations for the that display of planets.

When a Bi-wheel chart is displayed the Essential Dignities table shows the calculations for the outside wheel planets/points, ie the applying planets.

Note that a single chart can be natal, secondary progression, solar return. Same for bi-wheel charts.


Example Essential Dignities table showing Egyptian Terms


Egyptian Terms

Egyptian Terms


Single Tap over a planets position on the displayed chart

Note that tapping a planet’s position shows the correct Terms for that planet and Triplicity as selected by the Terms/Triplicities settings. This has always been the case.


Single Tap Planet position showing details

Single Tap Planet position showing details



Note that the plain chart does not show Terms or Triplicities as it would be impractical to do so.

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