How to create a Composite or Comparison synastry chart

To ensure either Composite or Comparison is selected, long-press Synastry button and select.


Synastry Menu Item

Synastry Menu Item

New Synastry Orb Settings

Synastry Orb Settings and composite midpoint Venus Mercury choice

  1. Select a Natal chart – it must be a natal chart. Other types of charts can’t be used for synastry charts.
  2. Tap Synastry. A list of all your Natal charts is presented. AC conveniently only displays natal charts.
Natal Chart List for Composite

Natal Chart List for Composite

       3. Enter a unique Composite or Comparison chart name.

       4. Tap another Natal chart record from the list.

The synastry chart is saved to Your Charts database.

Note: Comparison and Composite synastry charts are considered to be Natal charts for the purposes of AC.

Therefore to select a Comparison and Composite chart just do as you would a normal natal or horary chart.

Day or Hour Lords are not shown for Composite charts.

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