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    How to create a Composite or Comparison synastry chart

    Synastry: revised and updated – scroll to bottom of this page. From AC ver 2.52

    To ensure either Composite or Comparison is selected, long-press the Synastry button and select.


    Synastry Menu Item

    Synastry Menu Item

    New Synastry Orb Settings

    Synastry Orb Settings and composite midpoint Venus Mercury choice

    1. Select a Natal chart – it must be a natal chart. Other types of charts can’t be used for synastry charts.
    2. Tap Synastry. A list of all your Natal charts is presented. AC conveniently only displays natal charts.
    Natal Chart List for Composite

    Natal Chart List for Composite

           3. Enter a unique Composite or Comparison chart name.

           4. Tap another Natal chart record from the list.

    The synastry chart is saved to Your Charts database.

    Note: Comparison and Composite synastry charts are considered to be Natal charts for the purposes of AC.

    Therefore to select a Comparison and Composite chart just do as you would a normal natal or horary chart.

    Day or Hour Lords are not shown for Composite charts.

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    Synastry: revised and updated to ensure keyboard doesn’t obscure the File Name text field

    Available from AC ver 2.52

    Synastry new position for file name

    Synastry new position for file name text field. It was at the bottom of the Chart table.


    Keyboard doesn’t cover the File Name text field


    Synastry file name

    Synastry file name


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