The Perspective of Age


© 2016, Roger Pearson

15th August 2016


By that, I mean the perspective of (what some people would call) old age. That ability to look back at the years well-spent and ill-spent. To bear witness to an overarching view of your life, because it’s been lived.

From an astrological point of view or at least my point of view, the older we get the more we become our chart. It’s as though as our arteries harden so does the chart become more “set in stone”. We become more and more able to comprehend the meaning of the chart. Why? Because we have lived the meaning and experienced the events. We have given flesh to the symbols.

No surprises then to the seasoned astrological veteran who has studied for years and watched their charts come alive. Watched as the chart, once such as puzzle, bursts forth with an understandable beauty and depth unimaginable years before. Watched as unknown subtleties became revealed, watched as chart placements became obvious and apparent. Watched as the jigsaw of life, once a jumbled mess, takes on a coherence unimaginable as the natal chart becomes the blueprint, the picture on the cardboard jigsaw puzzle box.

Which explains all.