Gauquelin Sectors

Full landscape View #8. For proportional natal/radix charts. For Your Charts and Provided Charts.

From AC ver 2.07

Here’s an extract from the Swiss Ephemeris documentation:


Gauquelin sectors This is the “house” system used by the Gauquelin’s and their epigones and critics in statistical investigations in Astrology. Basically, it is identical with the Placidus house system, i.e. diurnal and nocturnal arcs of ecliptic points or planets are subdivided. There are a couple of differences, though.

– Up to 36 “sectors” (or house cusps) are used instead of 12 houses.

– The sectors are counted in clockwise direction.

– There are so-called plus (+) and minus (–) zones. The plus zones are the sectors that turned out to be significant in statistical investigations, e.g.many top sportsmen turned out to have their Mars in a plus zone. The plus sectors are the sectors 36 – 3, 9 – 12, 19 – 21, 28 – 30.

AC displays these + sectors in red,

Swiss Ephemeris documentation PDF
Gauquelin Planetary Effects Revisited
Gauquelin Planetary Effects

How to display a chart’s Gauquelin Sectors

Go to full landscape.

To get to Full Landscape

To get to Full Landscape

Select #8 Full Landscape option

Full Landscape with Gauquelin Sectors

Full Landscape with Gauquelin Sectors option selected

Note that a proportional chart style is automatically selected by AC when displaying Gauquelin Sectors.

Example chart, when Full Landscape View #8 is selected.

Gauquelin Sectors for Adolf Hitler

Gauquelin Sectors for Adolf Hitler. Plus sectors shown in red in the chart. For any planet occupying a + sector  the corresponding value is shown in red in the listing to the right of the chart.

Example chart without zodiacal degrees and minutes. See Don’t show current House System, etc – Gauquelin Sector settings below

Gauquelin Sectors. View #8 with no zodiacal degs, mins.

Gauquelin Sectors. View #8 with no zodiacal degs, mins.

Gauquelin Listing in the Speculum, for View #8 and Your Chart listing

Main menu - for Speculum Listing

Main menu – for Speculum Listing

Note Gauquelin sectors planets/points are not shown in the Speculum listing unless View #8 or Your Chart listing with G is selected

Speculum - Gauquelin Sectors

Speculum – Gauquelin Sectors

Gauquelin Sector Settings

Gauquelin Sector Settings

Gauquelin Sector Settings – both options enabled by default.

For Your Charts. 

Chart Listings Additions

Chart Listings Additions

Example Chart, when Browsing is selected (Browse button – bottom left) and the G Switch is tapped. (G switch is green colour when active/enabled)

Gauquelin Sectors for Bitcoin

Gauquelin Sectors for Bitcoin

Warning Message

Warning message

Warning message


This can occur if a chart isn’t initially a Natal chart or is initially a bi-wheel chart. Easily fixed by tapping a chart record.


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