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Last updated: 15th June 2024

AC iphone 12 sec prog portrait

Requirements: iOS 17+

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Licenced to use the Swiss Ephemeris

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Can I buy AC for the iPhone and how much will it cost?

Buy: not yet. Estimated release end of July 2024

Cost: £14.99. About US $18.

Where can I buy it? Only from the Apple App Store.

There’s an iPad/Mac version of AstroConnexions which I bought.

Do I have to purchase this again for my iPhone? Yes – the design is much different than the iPad, and took a long time to develop. Most of the code is identical to the iPad version, and the saved charts are the same so they can be shared via dropBox

What are the differences?

Most of the iPad features are available for the iPhone except the iPhone version is portrait only. And no Aspect Hits, Financial views or Primary Directions. Note that Primary Directions will be available for the iPhone at a later date.

The iPhone’s screen is pretty small – can AC for the iPhone zoom? Yes.

And there are settings for this too.

iPhone 12


Dark Mode is available too. Plus there are design modules for charts.

Chart Types
Iphone 12 dark mode-portrait
Einstein Natal
New Chart
Degrees and Minutes option
Some Settings
Annotated Menu Icons - iPhone

Annotated Menu Icons – iPhone