Overview: Importing and Exporting Charts

Exporting and Importing is always done via Drop Box. A free account is fine for this purpose.

Connecting to Dropbox – ensure you have a connection.

Connecting to Dropbox

Exporting Charts from AstroConnexions can be done

  1. Singularly
  2. Batch/bulk

Exporting Charts from AstroConnexions are for Importing into

  1. Solar Fire (Windows)
  2. Astro Gold (iOS)
  3. AstroConnexions

Exporting Charts from Solar Fire or Astro Gold (for importing into AC)

  1. .SFcht – Solar Fire and Astro Gold
  2. ..txt – Solar Fire
  3. .qck – Quick Charts files – Solar Fire

Importing Charts into AC


Exporting Charts from AC



Left Swipe for Export

Left Swipe for Export


Batch or Bulk

Export and Delete Charts

The files exported to Drop Box are .acc for astroConnexions, or .txt files for Solar Fire

Please review the Export and Import articles in the AC Knowledge Base for more detailed information