Importing Provided Charts into AstroConnexions via DropBox

Updated 8th June 2021, AC ver 2.42

This is a somewhat outdated article. Provided Charts are now known as AstroConnexions .ACC charts.

Please refer to

Export charts to you Drop Box app folder

Importing acc chart files into AC


This routine is very similar to Importing Solar Fire CSV/txt files. Except these files are sometimes provided by AstroConnexions from the Astro-Databank collection.  The main difference is that the Rodden rating and a Category (eg Politics, Entertainment) is provided. All provided charts now have the extension, .ACC

The post Synastry with AstroConnexions has a couple of charts that can be imported into AstroConnexions

Synastry with AstroConnexions

Note that the first time you connect to Dropbox you may have to exit the AC Import form and open again to refresh the Import table 


Options menu

Options menu


Import Provided charts

Import Provided charts


Tap the charts record you require. A tick appears. Now tap Import into AstroConnexions

A CSV file can contain more than one record.


To deselect a record tap again (if required).


Import Solar Fire success

AC landscape iPad Pro Import Solar Fire success

Import Solar Fire Chart failure

Import Provided Chart failure


The cause of the failure is usually that the name of the town/village/city cannot be found in the lat and long AstroConnexions database. This is usually a spelling difference:

eg Weston-SUPER-Mare – not available in the database

Weston super Mare – not available in the database

Weston-Super-Mare – available

Viewing your imported Charts

To list the charts that you have imported dismiss Import Provided Files and depending where they were saved tap the relevant List Charts, eg Provided Charts


The house system is automatically selected as Placidus.