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    Batch/Bulk Export and Delete Your Charts

    Ensure you have a connection to Dropbox (not required for deleting charts)

    Connecting to Dropbox

    Batch/Bulk export for:

    1. AstroConnexions. Export your AC charts for later import into AC – .acc files
    2. Solar Fire (ver +6). Import your exported AC charts into Solar Fire – .txt files

    Why would you want to export AC charts?

    1. As a backup, in case of accidental chart deletion
    2. As a backup. If you get a new or different iPad and you want a copy of the charts on your other iPad.
    3. Backups are always a good idea.

    Not available for provided Charts. Deleted charts are not recoverable.

    New top menu Icon

    Top Menu icons - Batch Functions

    Top Menu icons – Batch Functions

    Menu button placement from AC ver 2.07 (Export menu button from Main menu has been removed from ver 2.07 )

    Export/Delete AC Charts

    Export/Delete AC Charts menu button here now

    Bulk/Batch Export/Delete

    Bulk/Batch Export and Delete Charts

    Batch Export and Delete Your Charts

    Batch Export and Delete Your Charts

    Importing an .acc chart file into AstroConnexions

    Import the AC .acc file:

    This menu was previously Import Provided Charts. Note from AC ver 2.07 Batch/Bulk Export/Delete AC charts will be available from here.


    Tap a Chart Name record, eg DMC.acc (a tick – √ – will appear to the right) and tap Import Into AC. Done!