Please read this knowledge base article if you need information about Exporting from Solar Fire

Exporting Solar Fire Charts


Importing Solar Fire Charts into AstroConnexions via DropBox


Note that the first time you connect to Dropbox you may have to exit the AC Import form and open again to refresh the Import table 


Options menu

Options menu


Import Solar Fire CSV files

Import Solar Fire CSV files


Tap the charts record you require. A tick appears. Now tap Import into AstroConnexions

To deselect the record tap again (if required).


Import Solar Fire success

AC landscape iPad Pro Import Solar Fire success


Import Solar Fire Chart failure

Import Solar Fire Chart failure


The cause of the failure is usually that the name of the town/village/city cannot be found in the lat and long AstroConnexions database. This is usually a spelling difference:

eg Weston-SUPER-Mare – not available in the database

Weston super Mare – not available in the database

Weston-Super-Mare – available


Viewing your imported Charts

To list the charts that you have imported dismiss Import Solar Fire Files and depending where they were saved tap the relevant List Charts, eg List Provided Charts



Because the export routine in Solar Fire does not allow the following values to be exported, they are given these default values:

Category = “Personal”

House System = “Placidus”

Rodden Rating = “Imported w/o rating”     (Imported without rating)


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