Saving an Ingress Chart

This is similar to creating and saving an Eclipse chart.

AC Ver 1.76

Tap New Chart or Edit Chart, and then tap the Ingress Button (next to the Eclipse button)

Ingress Button

Ingress Button


If more than one Ingress date and time are listed tap an Ingress record to select – a tick will appear. Tap Chart/Done and then Save – the Ingress chart is displayed.

Lunar Ingress

Lunar Ingress

Solar Ingress – auto date range (Animated GIF)

Solar Ingress

Solar Ingress – auto date range

Filter an Ingress chart – Your Charts (Animated GIF)

Filter Eclipse or Ingress Charts



Select the Geographical location for the Ingress before calculating the ingress. Doing this after the Ingress calculation will result in an incorrect chart

The chart name is automatically inserted. It can be edited before saving.

The Chart Category is automatically inserted. This shouldn’t be changed.

Ingress charts are classed as Natal/Radix charts by AC for the purposes of filtering and display, although their Chart Type is “Ingress”.

in IngressSave Charts Tags: Ingress