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    What version of AstroConnexions are you using? Here’s how to find out.

    You can find the AC app version number by tapping the i icon ( i for Information ) which is located top of the screen, extreme right, and then tapping What’s New.


    Find AC Version

    Find AC Version

    AC Version: 2.39 – in the screenshot below this shows that the latest version you have installed on your iPad is 2.39. Scroll up to see older updates.

    AC Version

    AC Version – in this case the latest version you have installed on your iPad is 2.39

    When a new version of AC is available it will appear in your updates on the App Store. If you’ve already updated AC to the latest version an update will not be available. Apple handles all of this – it’s not something I control. Just check the App Store every so often to see if an update is available. You may have automatic updates enabled.

    Coming Soon

    Another way to find out if there’s an update available is to check my Coming Soon web page:

    AC Coming Soon web page

    There you can find out general info about updated articles and posts, and when an update is available.

    When I’m working on a new feature or fixing a bug etc, this is the format, on my Coming Soon page for example:

    Version 2.68, available soon.

    There would be some info about the update, and maybe screen shots.

    This can last for weeks, days and occasionally months until I have finished the coding. Than I state:

    Version 2.68, available approx, 24th March 2021

    This will be a few days in the future. This is when I submit the new version to Apple for their testing and approval. If they approve it (which can take from six hours to two days), it gets released for update or for purchase to Apple’s App Store. I then state on my website Coming Soon page:

    Version 2.68, available now.

    Sometimes there might be three or more updates in as many weeks, other times not so frequent.

    AC’s version numbering:

    AC follows a common method of versioning. Here’s some examples. Version 2.38 is a newer version of AC than 2.37. Version 2.04 is a newer version of AC than version 2.03, etc.

    How to update apps manually on your Apple device

    turn on/off automatic updates

    Apple Support: Update apps manually

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