Primary Directions

Primary Directions For the recent Primary Directions Knowledge Base article see: In appreciation of the book Annual Predictive Techniques by Martin Gansten. Showing how to use AC with the chart examples given. With comments and observations. Note that these charts are Sidereal, with Krishnamurti ayanamsa, Alcabitus house system, and parallax Moon. The AC charts shown…

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Bitcoin – responding again?

The recent transits of Uranus to certain planets in the Bitcoin radix have once again coincided with substantial inflexions in the Bitcoins price.       One caveat. Transiting Uranus sextile radical Venus did not seemingly coincide with any inflexion of the Bitcoin price.

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Elastos – should I have expected something!

Uranus Elastos – should I have expected something! Edited: 16th March 2019 After some months of a dismal downtrend Elastos suddenly took off and the price increased quite significantly on the 9th March 2019. However, on reflection, compared to some of the downturns this upwards inflexion is indeed modest. Astrologically, it is not difficult to…

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Are major inflexions in Bitcoin’s price signified by Saturn’s ingress into different signs?

Are major inflexions in Bitcoin’s price signified by Saturn’s ingress into different signs? 15th March 2019 One of the most remarkable coincidences or significant correlations, depending on you point-of-view, occurred when Saturn made its ingress into Capricorn. Was it a coincidence that Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn happened at the same time as the top of…

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Elastos – the astrology

Elastos – the astrology © Roger Pearson, 11th April 2018. Revised 12th April 2018.   Elastos radix, and aspects A brief analysis of the chart The chart is perhaps most notable for Saturn being in cazimi with the Sun, a powerful position indeed. Saturn is also in its own sign too. The Moon is opposite…

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Bitcoin – the astrology

Bitcoin – can significant changes in the direction of the price be forecast? © Roger Pearson, 25th February 2018 Revised 16th, 29th, 30th, 31st March 2018, 12th April 2018. I expect this post will be updated regularly. All screenshots – AstroConnexions ver 1.83, except for Recap chart, for underlying graph Astrological radix chart for…

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Zodiacal Releasing

Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit – a personal recollection © Roger Pearson 16th September 2017   Does Zodiacal Releasing work? Here I present my findings from examining my own chart with respect to ZR. All screenshots are from the iPad app AstroConnexions. Here’s what Chris Brennan, a Hellenistic astrology expert has to say about Zodiacal releasing. I…