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    There is a choice of different types of SR and LR returns

    1. A return without precession-adjustment or relocation, ie a SR or LR that uses the natal chart details.
    2. A return that is without precession-adjustment but is relocated to a different geographical location
    3. A return that has precession-adjustment without being relocated.
    4. A return that has precession-adjustment and is relocated.

    The following settings for the Returns popover will calculate the above – using the same listing order.

    1. Select Natal and Standard
    2. Select Relocation and Standard
    3. Select Natal and Precession-Corrected
    4. Select Relocation and Precession-Corrected

    Note by default the Fagan/Bradley ayanamsha is used. By tapping the Ayanamsha button a different ayanamsha can be selected.

    SR/LR Returns Settings

    SR/LR Returns Settings – long-press over the SR/LR menu or select from the Chart Calcs/Settings menu

    Returns menu selection

    Tap the Lightning Bolt to save a return chart

    Top Menu

    Top Menu

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