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    Solar and Lunar Returns – set the date

    Selecting a Solar Return or Lunar Return – displays the Return chart automatically

    1. Select a natal/radix chart or use the one already displayed.

    2. Tap Solar Return (see screenshot below)

    3. The current Solar Return is shown (unless a historical chart – an SR is shown for the natal date. It seems inappropriate the use the current date or someone who is dead. The chart can still be manipulated , see 4.)

    4. Scroll the Quick Year control (see screenshot below) to go to another year’s SR.

    5. Same procedure for a Lunar Return

    Note that there is no other way to set the date for a SR/LR chart


    Quick Year and Quick Month

    Quick Year and Quick Month


    The Step Interval can also be used for Solar Returns

    When a Solar Return is displayed the only Step Interval that can be used is a Year. The step value can be any amount.



    Go forward/backward in time buttons

    Go forward/backward in time buttons


    Selecting the Bi-Wheel button places the Solar or Lunar Return chart around the current Natal Chart