Aspect values and Orbs


15.0, 30.00 – smaller aspects

75.00, 105.00, 165.00 – not usually/often used

0.00, 60.00, 90.00, 120.00, 180.00 – traditional (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition)

45.00, 135.00, 150.00  – traditional extra

144, 72.00, 36.00, 18.00 – quintile, etc

Displayed Aspects/Lines (for single and bi-wheel charts)

Displayed Aspects menu

Displayed Aspects menu

All aspect orbs can be adjusted – for single wheel charts

Aspect Orbs menu

Aspect Orbs menu

Aspect Orb adjustment

Aspect Orb adjustment


Note that the above orb values are used by single-wheel charts.

Bi-wheel orbs:

It is an accepted practice to use one user-selected orb value for all aspects for progressed or directed charts. For instance is it usual for a 1 degree orb to be applied to aspects (progressed or directed to natal/radix) for progressed or directed charts. AC uses a default value of 1 degree – this can be adjusted easily. Orbs can be adjusted ether by a accessing a dialog from a long-press or from the Chart Calculations/Settings Menu:

Chart calcs and settings menu

Chart calcs and settings menu

Bi-wheel orb for Solar Arc

Example: Bi-wheel orb for Solar Arc – from Calculations/Settings menu

Long-press Options

Synastry charts have a useful option:

Synastry Orbs

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