The problem of rounding in astrology charts

AstroConnexions does not round-up planetary or cusp values.

What does this mean?

Say a cusp, for example, the ascendant, has a value of 25 45′ 55″ or 25 degrees, 45 minutes and 55 seconds. AstroConnexions shows the value on the chart as 25:45 not as you might expect 25:46. This is 25:45:55 rounded up, a common practice. But what about an ascendant at 29:59:55 Leo? Rounding would give 30 degrees Leo which would result in the ascendant being displayed as 0:0:0 Virgo. Which I think you’ll agree an ascendant of 29:59:55 Leo should stay in Leo and not jump to 0 degrees Virgo. For this reason, AstroConnexions does not round-up. AstroConnexions shows this ascendant as 29:59 Leo.

Similarly a planet could be at 29:59:45 Leo and rounding it would put it in the first degree of Virgo (0:0:0 Virgo) which patently it is not. If the planet was Venus it would then be in its fall. Something that could be quite significant in a Horary question. And if Venus was retrograde, putting it in Virgo would be an even more gross error.

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