Synastry with AstroConnexions: Albert, Prince Consort, and Queen Victoria

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7th October 2016, updated 18th July 2018

It is now possible to compare charts in AstroConnexions, ver 1.32:

Scroll the left-hand menu to show the Synastry button:


Synastry Example

Synastry Example


Synastry Example - Full landscape

Synastry Comparison Example – Full landscape


Differences with Solar Fire’s Albert, Prince Consort chart

Unfortunately, it appears to be incorrect.

Incorrect Solar Fire Chart

Incorrect Solar Fire Chart


The birth place is given as Rosenau, which is correct, but the latitude and longitude for Rosenau Palace, Coburg is 50N18, 11E01. See this link: Rosenau Castle

Solar Fire gives the Lat and Long as 50N31, 001E59 which is incorrect.

AstroConnexions uses the Lat and Long of Coburg which is 50N15 10E57. Which is very close to the actual castle.

Albert Prince Consort, Natal

Albert Prince Consort, Natal



To include Prince Albert and Queen Victoria charts please download this csv file and copy to your AstroConnexions Drop Box app folder. Then use the Import AC Provided (Import AC Charts – from ver 1.95) charts option. Import them into Your Charts. Synastry charts are only available when using the Your Charts database.

To create the comparison synastry chart tap the Synastry menu button and select both charts.

Dowload csv file:  QVicPAl.txt

ACC file for version 1.95 and greater:

Please give the downloaded file an extension of ACC or acc.

Please note that composite synastry charts are now also available too.