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    Using Apple’s map utility for getting lat and long

    Information when creating or editing a chart.

    Note that many people prefer to use Apple’s Map utility (built into AC) as it’s a bit quicker than tapping Country and Place. Many apps only include Apple’s map utility as it is easy to use and accurate. And they may have already used it in other apps so they are familiar with it. AC provides its own database for those that are used to doing this way, eg getting a Country from a table then getting a place from a table. It may be phased out in the future and be replaced by Apple’s Maps.

    Here’s an animated GIF – using Xcode’s simulator for iPad (7th generation) iOS 13.5

    Use the map utility when there isn’t an entry in the Place table for the birth place you require. Note that an internet connection is required.

    1. Enter the place/location, eg Clara, Ireland, eg New York, USA.
    2. Press Return/Enter on the iPad’s keyboard
    3. Tap Set Location – the place name and geographic coordinates are entered into AC’s place holders.
    4. Tap Save (enter a Chart name if not already done so)
    5. Done


    Using the map

    Using the map


    Here’s a video using an actual iPad (iPad Air 2) – tap or click the link below:

    Using the Map on actual iPad





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