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    Problems with Setting Current Location


    Get Current Location

    Get Current Location



    It’s useful to be able to set the current location for New Charts – see screenshot. If this is not set AstroConnexions uses the last chart viewed location.

    However, initially using the map to get your current location may result in an error message stating

    “Problem with finding the Time Zone. Unable to set location”

    Why does this message appear?

    The map location service provided by Apple may give your location accurately but the location may not be in AstroConnexion’s geographical database. The location has to be in the database so that time zone information can be calculated. Other reasons can be the different spelling of towns and cities, etc.


    To rectify this situation a list of Countries and Places is provided so that a Country and Place can be picked from a list.



    Set Current Location: New buttons

    Set Current Location: New buttons


    Available Now. Ver 1.42


    See original knowledge base post




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