Separating or Applying – how AstroConnexions calculates if an aspect is applying or separating

10th February 2017

For a useful example look at the chart presented here:


Jupiter sextile to Saturn - applying or separating?

Jupiter sextile to Saturn – applying or separating?


Jupiter looks like it is applying to Saturn by sextile. Usually, Jupiter is faster than Saturn.

AstroConnexions reports that it is separating in the aspect table. Why is this? The answer is speed:

Here’s the speed of the planets, used internally by AC:

Jupiter’s speed

Saturns speed:

As can be seen from the values, Saturn is moving slowly away from Jupiter. A separating sextile.


Reviewing each planet’s speed from the chart by tapping on each individual planet’s position tells the same story:


Saturn's speed

Saturn’s speed


Jupiter's speed

Jupiter’s speed





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