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    Hey, what’s happening, and why?

    5th august 2016


    Things that AstroConnexions does that you don’t find obvious…

    I clicked the *go forward* button and a transit chart appeared. Why?




    Go forward/backward in time buttons

    Go forward/backward in time buttons



    This happens if *Natal* chart is selected and the go forward in time button is tapped. Natal charts can’t be advanced in time or changed (unless edited). 

    What AC does is to create a transit chart of the natal chart, using the same date and time so that you can move the chart in time by clicking the *go forward* or *go back* buttons.

    Why is this useful?

    One scenario would be when analyzing a Horary chart. It is often useful to see what the Moon does. Does it reach the trine to Jupiter and perfect the aspect or does Mercury reach Jupiter first and obstruct the possible Moon-Jupiter trine. Many astrological questions can be answered by manipulating the chart using the *go forward* or *go back* buttons.

    The chart has moved! How do I get it back into the previously correct position?

    Double-tap over the chart, once or twice. That’s it.


    How did this happen? You must have initially double-tapped over the chart. Pinch to enlarge or reduce the chart.


    Improvements to this procedure are expected in the next upgrade to the app.


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