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Understanding AstroConnexions
How to Create a Synastry Chart
Your First Natal Chart

Video: Creating a New Natal Chart

Default settings:

House System: Placidus

Chart Type: Natal

Chart Category: Personal


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AstroConnexions – main screen:

AC Top Menu Icons
Main Screen
AC Explainer Main View - Aspects
Eclipse Table/Aspects

AstroConnexions – Full Landscape:

Full landscape View #2 Natal (1 of 3)

Zodiacal Releasing from Spirit

John Kerry Natal with Zodiacal Releasing

AstroConnexions – Chart Options:

Options Menu

AstroConnexions – Chart Listing – Export, Copy, Delete:

AC landscape iPad Air quick start chart listing left swipe record -delete copy export

AstroConnexions – Chart Listing:

Select Browse to view all charts without returning to the main view.

Chart listing and chart categories

Improved Chart Record Filter:

Filter Chart Records

Adding some colour to the chart

Adding some colour to the chart

AstroConnexions – Long Press Options:

Long Press Natal Button brings Edit Chart Details
Long Press Solar Or Lunar Return Button shows Relocation/Precession popover
Long Press - Solar Arc settings
Long Press - Secondary Progressions settings
Aspect Hits View - Long press over the middle of the Chart

There are eleven long-press options – see the FAQ:


AstroConnexions – Synastry:

Synastry - Chart Comparison

AstroConnexions – Elements:


Browse Charts - Video

Einstein's secondary progressions 1907 - Video

Set your location so that creating a New Chart automatically sets the geographical location to your current selected location

Useful for horary charts